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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
Number of posts: 925

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I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of the EWTN radtrads...

...especially the perpetually smug visage of EWTN "news" anchor Raymond Arroyo. He's going to have a much more difficult time keeping that smug look plastered on now that their culture warrior archbishop just got pantsed. Cry harder, Ray.

This is another classic example of how social conservatives love to invert cause and effect.

It is a constant theme of most reactionary "thought".

Crisis magazine is a really hacky neocon Catholic journal that had a scandal back in the W Bush years (2004) when its editor and publisher (Deal Hudson) was fired for having covered up a serious indiscretion that cost him a teaching career at Fordham. Until the 2004 scandal, Hudson made constant appearances on radtrad Catholic networks like EWTN. He had a comeback recently as a Drumpf adviser.

The Uvalde, TX massacre happened because of...the Hays (movie content) Code?! I can't even...

This is the kind of nonsense you get on Catholic radtrad radio and TV: (Ir)-Relevant Radio, EWTN, etc. Trending With Timmerie is a moronic show on (Ir)-Relevant Radio that I fortunately had not heard of before yesterday. Timmerie's Twitter page makes it clear that most of the time, she's obsessed with abortion and pelvic issues, standard-issue fare for the talkers on radtrad networks. But today, she's got the answer to ending all the school shootings.


Did you know that the entire entertainment industry used to operate by a code? Lt. Col Dave Grossman, author of “Assassination Generation”, joins me in this episode to explain why he thinks the Texas shooting happened...

...So what changed? In the early 1960's, Hollywood threw that code away.

I listened to this segment of the show while driving and found it hard to believe what I was hearing. These radtrads are so intellectually lazy that they can't understand the difference between an assertion and an argument. This is what you get when you silo your kids off in phony "higher learning" institutions like Franciscan "University" of Stupidville...er...Steubenville and John Paul the Great Catholic "University" (Timmerie's alma mater).

A couple more picayune (and perhaps petty) criticisms follow.

First, the Hays Code didn't actually end until 1968. Like most social conservatives, the radtrads love to invert cause and effect. The Code was rescinded because long before its demise in the late '60s, its restrictions on content and contradictory nature were causing it to fracture on a daily basis. Anyone ever heard of film noir? Most of the most celebrated films in that genre were being made at the same time the Code was being implemented. Also, the Hays Code did not apply to "the entire entertainment industry". It applied to motion pictures, and not even all of them. And also not records, concerts, novels, etc.

Second, Timmerie loves to let everyone know on her Twitter and Instagram that she has a Master's degree. Apparently she missed out on grade-school English grammar. It's 1960s, not "1960's".

Also, Timmerie's picture on her Twitter is at least a decade out of date. No vanity there at all, no sir. (Compare it with her latest Instagram photos). The radtrad networks are now up to the same thing Fox has been doing for at least 20 years: hire lots of photogenic women and airbrush and Botox them until they look like statues--or as Randi Rhodes calls them, the "right-wing Fembots".

That last bit was a cheap shot, but Timmerie deserves it.

Carter was vilified for this speech, "Crisis of Confidence". However, Carter's...

...diagnosis of what ailed the country looks more and more prescient with each passing year. If Americans would have listened and acted on his advice, we would be a much different and better country.

They have completely siloed information systems. ONAN...er...OANN, NewsMax,...

...WorldNetDaily, and now even more insane "news" sources like LindellTV--Fox News is considered liberal. There's no way through to these people short of a cult deprogramming. LindellTV now has a daily show with the execrable Emerald Robinson, who got fired from NewsMax for being too extreme in her antivax activism--which is really saying something.

Yeah, they've just gone a bit beyond the point where she's comfortable...

...with them. When they were the Tea Party--when they were being transported from protest to protest on Koch-brothers-funded tour buses--and acted like more "normal" reactionaries, dressed up in tricorner hats and Pilgrim outfits, they were fine. Once they got their own nutty ideas and started making Q websites (after they got booted from Reddit) and talking about how Da Jooz Be Controlin' Da World, that was a bridge too far.

I'm willing to cut Sippy Cupp some slack here; I believe she is disturbed by these reactionary and fascist movements. But she doesn't seem to get that what happened is that the GOP lost control of its base. The constant push toward one-upmanship on the part of everyone from their candidates to radio talkers led directly to this. How could she not see this coming nearly two decades ago with Michael Savage et al?

What a moron. MTG apparently hasn't been paying attention to the last 40-50 years...

...of this country's history, as industry after industry outsourced its production abroad. Hint to MTG: it didn't have anything to do with "regulation".

I work in the electronics field (don't want to dox myself beyond that), and I can tell you that the most advanced semiconductor production is now done in exactly two locations on the planet. It is possible that we are now far enough behind that we can't catch up.

MTG being elected in the first place is evidence of the decline that she so strongly avows.

PillowMan best get used to paying, and paying, and paying...

...because he's going to be doing a lot of that for years to come. He's on the hook for something like $2B to the voting machine companies. He's so broke that he just sold a shitty '80s-vintage corporate jet for 1000 times less ($2M) to "raise funds". Lindell's not looking like a big dough roller lately.

Yes, I remember you going after Ingraham, especially for her ostentatiously displayed...

...crucifix from the Little Sisters of the Poor (IIRC). Her attitude and speech certainly don't show any evidence for her Catholic beliefs.

Ironically, the extremist alt-right radtrads absolutely hate the EWTN and Opus Dei crowd for being...too liberal. They also hate that about 95% of them--especially the ones on EWTN--are all converts. It doesn't help that the EWTN "stars" can't ever seem to leave their Protestantism behind.

The CIC mentioned in the article has been a significant force in politics for some time.

There was a scandal a few years ago involving the rector of the CIC, Fr. C. John McCloskey, who was removed from his position by Opus Dei. He was responsible for the very public conversion of a lot of neocon and far-right figures: Robert Novak, Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Robert Bork, and others I can't recall.

McCloskey was also one of the "stars" (gag) on the execrable EWTN Catholic network. He had a regular show focused on Catholic writers. Nearly all of them were the typical sort of authors supported by "think" tank bulk buyers with which DUers are familiar.

By the way, the CIC is on K Street, a very expensive place to be, and an area better known for white-shoe law firms and lobbying groups.
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