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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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The "nonsensical lifestyle and consumption habits" come mostly from the alt-right.

Trump didn't create the antivax movement, but he knew how to dogwhistle to them, and he arguably grew their numbers. It's the same with the other things. You find all kinds of moronic alt-right "lifestyle" memes on Reddit and 4Chan/8Chan/whatever-the-hell-they-call-it-now. As time goes by, there is a 100% chance these memes will eventually feature a Nazi cartoon frog such as Pepe, Apustaja, or Groyper. Their dietary "laws" (by meme!) are inscrutable: they endlessly discuss "soy boys", the imagined harmfulness of canola and other seed oils, and post memes about how they will be forced to "live in a pod" and "eat the bugs".

They also love their antivax "pure blood" memes which are now being mainstreamed by politicians like MTG. And that's what's happening now; extreme alt-right ideology and conspiracy theories are being mainstreamed into the political discourse.


A good start would be a return of civics education to high-school age...

...students, and possibly even earlier. And that means a real civics education; an actual civics class, as opposed to what many states are doing right now, defining "civics" as American history, world history, "current events", etc. Real civics education in most states ceased by the late '80s. I've never been able to find a good answer why, but my guess is that it is too hard to evaluate on the high-stakes tests that became popular around that same time.

By the way, what's the deal with the exclamation point in the first tweet ("!diot")?

Is Twitter now censoring words other than the usual four-letter ones?

Sorry for asking, I guess. Maybe this is something the kids are doing and I'm just too old and out-of-touch.

Actually, he could do that; the only problem is that the Chinese have already beat him to it...

...among many others. Remember the (right-wing) "Freedom Phone"? It is/was a generic Alibaba phone with an Android OS. Most of those generic Chinese phones also allow sideloading so that you control what apps can be added.

Elon will find there's not a lot of money to be made. I doubt the low margins will hold his interest for long.

The "pure blood" meme is a favorite among the basement-dwelling incel losers of the alt-right...

...particularly for the Nazi associations it dredges up, as several posters here have noted.

They love making Pepe memes about it, preferably if they can include their other favorite buzzwords like "cuck", "based", and "degeneracy".


Autopsies are indeed performed on mass shooters...

...and sometimes their brains are studied in detail. Stephen Craig Paddock, the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre, is one such example.


Unfortunately, that particular autopsy didn't show much beyond the fact that Paddock's brain appeared to be aging abnormally rapidly in some places, likely the result of burning the candle at both ends for decades. He really wasn't taking care of himself (heavy drinking, untreated hypertension, and based on the autopsy results, he was likely a smoker as well).

I have no idea. What I do know is that Voris parades around with that ridiculous "S.T.B."...

...after his name like it's an MD or PhD.

Please. That just means he went to a Catholic college and took a few theology courses above and beyond the expected. There's a saying in the Church that you shouldn't advertise your credentials unless you possess a doctorate. Anything else is too common to be mentioned.

What I also know is that it is really frowned on by the Church for a layman with no specialized training to be serving as a spiritual advisor to anyone. And for people with as much baggage as Voris and Yiannopoulos, it's even more so. If Voris really is acting as Yiannopoulos' spiritual advisor, that's scandalous.

I also have no idea about foreign influence, etc. but it wouldn't be that surprising that all this is some sort of minor tributary of the alt-right, just like MRA/PUAs and incels. The foreign "wrecker" psyop actors saw weakness in this country, and saw how we were all at each others' throats already. That weakness meant all it took was a little push by way of Bannon and Cambridge Analytica to get the party started. The radtrad thing is pretty much just the alt-right translated into Church language and idioms.

I wonder if that also goes for his moronic "spokeswoman" Liz Harrington.

After Trump was banned from Twitter, her account was used to tweet whatever he wanted.

Well, it looks like she quit Twitter back in May. I wonder if she'll be back just so Trump can exploit a loophole in his contract by having her retweet...er...re-Truth...his messages.


And now it looks like she's back. The Newsweek article mentions a GBCW tweet back in May, but I did a little checking, and her account appears to be up once again,

You may want to check out a couple of the links in message #4.

There is a lot more about Voris and his ridiculous cult there, including how he managed to alienate some very conservative clergy in the Detroit archdiocese. Voris is a clown, but unfortunately he has a lot of sugar daddy funding (Marc Brammer). Voris spends all his time attacking his fellow Catholics, including the clergy, for not being traddy enough. And when he's not doing that, he's e-begging for donations on his dumb internet station that emulates the execrable EWTN cable network, including a really lame religious shopping show plagiarized directly from them. For a while, Milo Yiannopoulos was one of the hosts on the show.

Yes, that's right. He apparently washed out of seminary sometime in the early '80s.

I haven't really followed up on Voris more than that because I really don't care. As in I don't care for him or his "apostolate" (i.e. scam), nor do I care about his personal life. However, I did notice that he is a very polarizing figure even with the radtrads; some of them just love him and his silly cult, while others--not so much. That's especially true for the terminally-online radtrads at places like Reddit.

Voris' admission of homosexuality, even if "reformed", basically makes him a persona non grata in many radtrad "communities", such as they are. As you may surmise, many aspects of the Church regarding homosexuality are pretty unhealthy, despite the fact that a large measure of their priesthood is gay. And Voris, and now Milo, have placed themselves right in the middle of this. They compound the institutional sickness by playing the "pick me" role, which further feeds their egos. I might feel sorry for them if I wasn't more certain that they're both just shameless grifters.
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