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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
Number of posts: 924

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I remember when we all thought Christine O'Donnell was the craziest possible...

...candidate. Little did we know that in a few years, we would have the QAnon and MAGA idiots running for office.

Here's a blast from the past.

Is this the guy who is Putin's man in the Church?

Rumored to be former KGB/FSB? If so, that news wouldn't be surprising.


Yep, it even has a name with theologians. It's called "cheap grace", and it's frowned upon...

...to say the least, by serious followers of Christianity. Unfortunately, many of those calling themselves "Christians" are not serious followers of Christianity.


When you hear criticism of the (evangelical) "Sinner's Prayer" etc. (particularly by Catholics), this is what they are objecting to. The theological critique is, in a nutshell, that sin causes damage and has to be repaired much like a physical injury. But it's no surprise that the "doctrine of cheap grace" would take off in America, where "name it and claim it" aka "blab it and grab it" prosperity theology is also so popular.

Who would have ever thought that a President, aided by the power of social media...

...and the most stupid and gullible among us would turn vaccination into another culture war. It is truly miraculous that the vaccines were developed in as short a time as they were, and yet even in blue states, often only half the population has received one booster. Social media is still full of idiots who think they are going to be the next Alex Jones by pushing ever more outlandish conspiracy theories. And if they do eventually get deplatformed, there are now brand new platforms that won't kick them out (Rumble, Bitchute). Some of them even find sugar daddies to fund their "careers" (Emerald Robinson on LindellTV).

Here's a link to the CDC community transmission map.


This is the original measurement that was used for Covid cases. Since then, the CDC has gone to the "community level" measurement, and I can't remember what that actually measures (hospital capacity?).

You're right--by the older standard, Ohio looks like it is completely red, as do a number of other states.

Oh, for God's sake. They're STILL pushing that "eat the bugs" meme...

...like it's still 2012.

...posted on 2022-09-22 by MarMema (No bugs for consumption)

They're just plagiarizing 4Chan/8Chan/whatever the hell it's called now. Remember the moronic "NPC" meme? These assholes are the NPCs. Whatever Cucker Tarlson or WorldNutDaily tells them to say, they parrot it like robots...er...NPCs.

What's really funny about "MarMema" is how much they sound like a stereotypical hard-left "tankie" that you might find in fringe Dark Web spaces. In fact, it's so cartoonish that I wonder if it's a "bit", as the kids say.

I can't make heads or tails of "lodi90". That's some of the most incoherent Freeper word salad ever written...and that's really saying something!

LOL, "intellectual heirs". The link to the "First Things" article was the...

...cherry on top of the shit sundae. As if anyone is going to give the least bit of credence to a nutcase radtrad "journal" that suddenly decided to clout-chase by sucking up to the Trump regime. As if that would somehow bring about their insane TradCath/Distributist/Integralist utopia. They don't seem to get Trump at all; Trump has no "thinking" other than making a buck, usually in the most crass and tasteless manner possible.

Yep...and IraqGate, if anyone remembers that one. There was a good book...

...about it called Spider's Web that can probably be found in any decent library. I'm sure it is out of print, since I think it dates to around 1988-89. IraqGate was a scandal somewhat related to but distinct from Iran-Contra that involved a lot of the same players. And of course it happened at about the same time. I think it was discovered partly because Senator Kerry's investigation of Iran-Contra was so thorough, but I really need to re-read a lot of that history again. It's amazing how little changes in politics even as so much changes in the world.

He's already close to that already. Between Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, numerous...

...foreign papers, and a publishing empire (HarperCollins and various imprints like the ill-fated ReganBooks), his fiefdom should have been broken up under antitrust laws long ago.

"...'tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd".

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