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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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There was actually a video game with a similar scenario...

...called Shattered Union. It seemed preposterous in 2005 when it was released. But in 2022...

Truer words were never spoken! Drumpf was absolutely exhausting.

After four years of that asshole, I felt (and looked) like I aged twenty.

Nice to see that Drumpf's fans are now plagiarizing "Fashwave" memes.

That's what you see in that post by "Bambi". I hoped that something as fringe as "Fashwave" would stay in its own lane, but of course Drumpf's fans frequent cesspools like 4Chan/8Chan/whatever the hell they call it these days, and they crib their memes from those sites.

Yep. That's how they get that little dagger or cross mark in the NYT Book Review listings.

They really hate it, too. Apparently through their "sources and methods", the NYT found out years ago that the right-wing "think" tanks and "nonprofits" were doing massive bulk buys and then giving these nutjob books away at their rubber-chicken fundraisers. The conservative book clubs were also buying them up for pennies on the dollar and giving them away with memberships. Anything that they couldn't unload went to the dollar stores or got shredded. That massively inflates the actual grassroots sales of these kinds of books. Don Jr was involved in a particularly egregious bulk buy scam for his latest book as I recall.

Her married name is Kallie Yanta. She is often featured on local radtrad...

...radio and TV, e.g. St. Michael Broadcasting (channel 14) and (Ir)-Relevant Radio. Yanta was the public face of the religious right during the marriage equality battle a few years ago.

It's the same group of neocons that gave us the Powell Memo.


Many of them went on to found the right-wing "think" tanks, not to mention their service in the Reagan and Bush I administrations. When you read their ridiculous prose, e.g. the "danger to Western Civilization", you can really see a straight line through to the alt-right of today. The anti-Semitism is the only thing the neocons find really distasteful about the alt-right.

By the way, a generation before, in the post-WWII years, there were similar attitudes about the riff-raff going to college on the GI Bill. Back then, only the "right" people were supposed to be going to college, and that opened up significantly after the war. Some things apparently never change.

Yep. The antecedents of Trumpism go back at least to Reagan, if not before.

There are a number of good historical accounts. Rick Perlstein has written a four-part series of books.


Another good one is Suburban Warriors by Lisa McGirr.


Freud had some...questionable...theories, but he was entirely correct about the damage done...

...by a traumatic childhood. By numerous accounts, Anne Heche went through hell. The real tragedy is that she never found the healing she needed and had numerous downward spirals in her life. And the drug abuse sure didn't help. RIP.

Not the bees!

From a terrible movie (Nic Cage in the completely unnecessary remake of The Wicker Man).

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