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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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It's been clear for some time that their unspoken motto is...

"Community = Communism". A variation on the Maggie Thatcher-ism "there is no such thing as society".

What a joke. Drumpf's fans think he's some kind of business genius. The reality is...

...that he's certainly plagiarizing what he just saw five minutes ago on Fox News. I'm sure Stuart Varney or some other idiot was whining about Wall Street.

Drumpf's fans conveniently forget that he ran three casinos into the ground. He bought what should have been a turnkey airline operation from Eastern (Trump Shuttle) and wrecked it. And by the way, has this asshole ever ran a publicly-traded company? I wouldn't trust Drumpf to run a coffee shop.

Well, you definitely have a point. But as you say, there are still a few unions with some degree...

...of militancy. The Teamsters and IBEW are still out there organizing. IBEW in particular shouldn't be overlooked; they are very active in the technology workplace. But things aren't great right now, and the battle is on several fronts. One of the most important is the courts, and not just the Supreme Court. There have to be some major changes to labor law, including reversing the worst decisions of the last 20 years (at least).

Yes, you're right about that. But what about the powerhouse unions we still have?

The UAW, IBEW, etc.? We really need them to step up on this. I can guess why they're not; it's probably because K Street is thousands of miles from a lot of their members, and they think the dues-paying members need representation closer to home. They're not wrong. But the problem is that the policy that is directly harming them is being made in far-right "think" tanks on K Street.

They need to be doing both.

Some of the cell lines go back even further, to the 1960s.


They are "immortal" cell lines. The most well-known line is HEK. It is distantly derived...

...from aborted fetal tissue in the '60s. That's how old these cell lines are. They are now so far distant from the original tissue culture that you can't even say they're human anymore. These cell lines (HEK and others) have been used in nearly every major advance in medicine in the last 50 years. HEK and similar cell lines are used in labs absolutely everywhere, everyday, for more things than you can imagine.

These antivaxxers--all of them--are arguing and acting in bad faith.

Here's an example of a health care system that got serious about firing them:


Thank you for explaining this. It just seems absurd...

...considering the fact that those objecting have at least one alternative which does not use immortal "aborted" cell lines. You can also bet serious money that the Conway Health System ran that vax mandate and the document posted in that article past their legal department.

To laymen, this does look like an absurd case, and one that is made in bad faith. Especially because Thomas actually believes this garbage.

Yep. The Church endorses the vax under the principle of "double effect".

Pope Francis has been very clear that there is no Church objection to the Covid vaccine. Not to mention, the overly-scrupulous radtrads out there have options; I know at least one of the Covid vaccines has not been made with the use of "aborted" cell lines. Note that these cell lines (HEK and others) have been used in nearly every major advance in medicine since the '60s. So since these people have alternative vaccines, this is simply a case being made in bad faith.

Here's an example of a health care system that got serious about firing antivaxxers: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216873062#post13

But the case concerns the objection to the vaccines, which use an utterly ubiquitous technology...

...used in almost every medical discovery since the '60s. HEK and similar cell lines are used in labs absolutely everywhere for more things than you can imagine.

I'm not a lawyer, I just work with them, or rather they do work for me (patent attorneys), but this just looks like an absurd case. I would really like a qualified attorney to explain it to DUers.

Exacty what I would expect out of one of Trump's hired hands.

Mark Meadows, Sarah Huckabee, Hope Hicks, etc. Some were more educated than others, but they all had the same total lack of qualifications for being in the positions they were.

General Flynn--God help us--even took the Fifth when asked about whether he believed in the "peaceful transfer of power" in this country, i.e. those things called "elections"! It's hard to get your head around that one...how one of the most decorated military officers can have such contempt for the Constitution, all while taking advantage of the legal protections it contains. That's certainly a lack of qualifications right there. Did this guy fall asleep in civics class?

Only "the best people" for Drumpf!
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