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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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The Canadians seem to have a talent for this sort of thing: running out of fuel...

...and turning their jet airliners into gliders. In addition to this one, there was also the case of the "Gimli Glider", a 767 that ran out of fuel because of several errors, the most important one being an improper conversion between English and metric units. Because of lessons learned, it seems highly unlikely such incidents will happen again.


United Airlines had a similar disaster in 1978: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_173

Palin and her chud fans want to make their own "personal choices" which are collective...

...because those choices affect the wider society. Furthermore, they want to make those choices and decisions while denying any responsibility for them.

Hey, Sarah: choices come with consequences, asshole. That's part of being an adult and a citizen.

Yes, that appears to be essentially correct.


Who stayed home in Georgia’s Senate runoffs? Rural white Republicans

A new analysis of demographic data from Georgia’s November and January elections confirms a larger decline in white rural turnout led to Democrats flipping both U.S. Senate seats, one of the biggest challenges the GOP must tackle ahead of 2022...

...In 1,387 precincts that former President Trump won in November, turnout dropped by about 310,000 voters, including a 9% drop in white turnout, or about 227,000 white voters. Black turnout in those precincts fell only 6.7%.

(Much more at link).

At the moment, I can't find anything about Trump discouraging his supporters from voting (though he most certainly did), but it looks like MTG also played a role.

While several factors are responsible for Georgia now having two Democratic U.S. senators, the drastic decline in turnout among Georgia’s white rural GOP base came as President Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other top Republicans assailed Georgia’s election system, falsely claiming widespread fraud altered the outcome and ultimately led to many voters staying home.

I'm pretty sure it's "LindellTV". The confusion is understandable on the part of Mediaite...

...because it's not a real TV channel; it's just part of Mike Lindell's crappy "FrankSpeech" website. The TV "channel" is mostly a vehicle for Lindell's axe-grinding about "stolen" elections, the "Deep State", and the QAnon conspiracy-of-the-week.

They've been trying to keep it on the down-low. But that's hard when the less-disciplined...

...among them (e.g. the zealots at The Federalist*) keep going off-script about radtrad Catholic dogmatisms like the joys of the "rhythm method" and "openness to life".


The radtrad Catholics have been quite successful at their infiltration of conservative politics, particularly through cultural influence. For example, radtrads are well-represented at prominent "think" tanks like the EPPC, and they are also engaged in more stealthy culture-war projects like Evie magazine. Evie has run several articles attacking contraception.

* Co-founded by Ben Domenech, spouse of Meghan McCain.

Additionally, imagine what a different place the nation would be in if Trump had exerted...

...some discipline on his alt-right followers who polluted social media with incessant conspiracy theories about those vaccines. And imagine if Trump had been able to muster the self-discipline not to turn public health measures into yet another front in his moronic culture war.

Thanks for the good info. The Fusion channel is a good example...

...of what is needed. I know that the late Senator Mike Gravel founded the Gravel Institute, which was created to oppose the total nonsense from Prager U that pollutes YouTube. Now the labor unions need to do their part.


One possible solution would be for the labor unions to create a media startup--or fund one.

Many years ago (around the time of the founding of DU), the UAW was trying to start a radio network. I forget why that didn't work out. The other side does tend to have money to burn, and that is always a problem because the "left", such as it is in this country, is usually resource-constrained.

As one example of the folly that the right can afford (and we can't), there's CatholicFamilyRadio (yes, all one word). It was an ill-fated network funded by some really reactionary radtrad Catholic billionaires like Tom Monaghan (Domino's Pizza founder) and Peter Lynch who got together to bankroll a national rollout of their "brand" in the late '90s. They claimed they would topple people like Rush Limbaugh and get everyone listening to far-right Catholic radio. They cheaped out on the "talent", hiring a bunch of third-stringers like Dan Lungren and Al Kresta (a Catholic Limbaugh clone). The programming was so awful that they were out of business in a year and a half, burning through something like $150 million. Nothing like that sweet sugar daddy billionaire money.

This kept going with other sugar-daddy-funded radtrad experiments like Ave Maria Radio and (Ir)-Relevant Radio; the latter continues today (and was recently bailed out by EWTN).

Probably the easiest thing to do for the labor unions would be to start up some YouTube channels, etc. which are very cheap. While talk radio is still a political force, its audience continues to trend older year by year, and it is not nearly as feasible to groups that are not well-funded.

There was a video game loosely based on this...

...called Shattered Union (2005). As time goes by, it seems like a more plausible future than anyone would wish.

Bots and paid trolls. Russian "boiler room" propaganda operations...

...not to mention those paid for by "think" tanks and billionaires. Our side needs more of that, to be honest. I've always wondered why labor unions aren't more proactive about setting up their own propaganda arms--something like what Media Matters does, but on a more grassroots level.
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