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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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This is one of the conspiracy theories being promoted by Roosh V...

...and his dumbass far-right echo chamber. (He used to be part of the MRA/PUA scene, aged out of it, and got banned from just about everything except Twitter. He's even banned from three countries last I checked: UK, Canada, and Australia). This is just one of the multiple conspiracy theories being pushed by these idiots. Their conspiracies always have some common themes: George Soros, Da Jooz, Bill Gates, nanobots, tracking chips, forced sterilization, etc.

I really hope Twitter gets serious about banning these morons. Let them have their echo chamber over at Parler...where thanks to a change in management, the tendies crowd will no longer be able to bitch about Da Jooz (it's a bannable offense now).
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