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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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Well, to make the point with a bit of humor, Ford did employ Earl Butz...

...(as Sec of Ag) who could be called a mini-Trump inasmuch as he was known to shoot off his mouth all the time. Butz was basically the Republican id with no brakes going off the side of a cliff. You can read at the link about some of his spectacular gaffes.

Butz was also known for some really bad ag policies that led pretty directly to the disastrous farm economy of the '80s (collective-farm-sized company farms) and a lot of America's health problems as well (over-reliance on corn products, especially corn sweeteners).


Not at all surprising. A lot of these places are where fundamentalist parents try to silo off...

...their kids from whatever they don't like about the world. Catholic radtrads are some of the worst, having created entire hermetically-sealed religious and ideological ecosystems that are so all-encompassing that escaping them is extremely painful and often leads to ostracism and shunning. A few examples in the radtrad world include Franciscan University of Steubenville, Thomas Aquinas College, and Christendom College. In recent years even more of these siloed institutions have been created, usually because of schisms over theology or politics, so now we have John Paul the Great Catholic University, Ave Maria University, and the University of Mary (yes, that's actually what it's called--it's in ND).

Some radtrad parents are so nuts that these are the only schools they will allow their kids to attend. Idiotic broadcasting outfits like EWTN and Relevant Radio encourage this in both overt and covert ways. These "universities" take a disproportionate share of their programming each day. And these broadcasters and their affiliated "think" tanks also serve as a jobs program for the some of the worst of them. (See the second link for a good example of what a graduate of "John Paul the Great" sounds like).


"Unselect" Committee?! Drumpf apparently thinks that's really clever.

What an asshole.

"Our Country is in such trouble!". Yeah, it's in such trouble because of you and your followers. If you're not fomenting insurrections, you're treating Covid like a culture-war issue and prolonging it for years on end.

Oh, by the way, learn some English grammar. There are at least three incorrectly capitalized words in your Tweet...er...Truth. Not everything is a proper noun just because you feel like it.

This is the latest version of what they have been doing for a while. For example...

...radtrad Catholics have been creating ridiculous simulacrums of "college" to silo their kids off from whatever they don't like for decades now. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to have seen EWTN programming will be familiar with Franciscan "University" of Stupidville...er...Steubenville, Ave Maria "University", and Christendom "College". But true to form, the ratrad fundamentalists always end up in schism and becoming more extreme. So if you think Steubenville is a little too liberal, you can now silo your kid off from the world at John Paul the Great Catholic University, Thomas Aquinas College, or the University of Mary (yes, that's actually for real--it's in ND).

Speaking of gold leaf--that reminds me of the stories about Trump Shuttle and the marble fixtures...

...he wanted on his planes. This was a shitty regional airline using '60s vintage 727s, many of which were the very dated 727-100 series (not the much more valuable 727-200-Adv). These were old fuel-hungry dinosaurs even in the late '80s and '90s that more rational airlines were already sending to the crusher. But Trump Shuttle was not a rational airline. Drumpf tried to have marble installed in the bathrooms (way too heavy), plush carpeting in the walkways (too hard to clean and impossible to move carts around), and other outlandish ideas. The reality of physics was apparently something Drumpf couldn't quite grasp.

Like all things Drumpf, it was all show and no go. Basically, he bought what should have been a turnkey operation from Eastern Airlines at an inflated price and ran it into the ground.


Wow, this is beyond dumb. It reminds me of the idiotic Iraqi Dinar scam...

...that some of the Q fanatics were obsessed with. That scam is best explained by the hosts of the Chapo Trap House show. You have to hear it to believe it.

He's also been hanging out with the execrable Church Militant radtrads...

...in addition to his unsavory alliance with MTG. As for MTG, she recently did an infamous interview with Michael Voris of CM which got a lot of notice in the press and here at DU.

Yiannopoulos has been seen on numerous CM programs in the last year or so. Here he is in an episode of the ridiculous "Church Militant Shop", which is modeled on an equally embarrassing program seen on EWTN (the "EWTN Religious Catalogue" show). In this episode, Milo can be seen selling a CD box set of his readings of the Psalms and Proverbs. No, this is not a joke.


Because that's a little too "ethnic" for Drumpf voters...

...so many of whom are bigots. Oz is already having enough trouble with them. They boo and catcall nearly everything he says. He's in so much trouble, in fact, that he has to make total cringe campaign ads like this one. It might be the Republican version of the "Dukakis in a tank" ad from the '80s.

That doesn't surprise me, whether it's the quantity of books or the fact that they were...

...never read. Your story reminded me that I forgot to mention another source for those bulk buys: all the moronic right-wing networks, magazines, and book clubs. I know that NewsMax, WorldNut...er...WorldNetDaily, and similar "news" purveyors were giving out lots of those right-wing books with subscriptions. I'm sure they still are.

Yep. Not a new scam, either. At least a decade ago, the NYT Book Review...

...started placing a little symbol next to certain book titles. It was a little cross or dagger, as I recall. The NYT apparently has sources at book sellers which report large bulk sales to them, which obviously do not represent grass-roots book buying. All too often what's going on--especially with the moronic books "written" by Donald Trump Jr, etc.--is that "think" tanks, right-wing foundations, and Republican party organizations are buying massive quantities of books and then giving them away at their rubber-chicken fundraising dinners. Anything they can't give away either goes to the dollar stores or is shredded.
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