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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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BTW, what's up with the title area of a post not being able to use accent characters?

For example: touché

You can't do that in the title, but you can in the message area? Oh, well.

nice to see Orban is still using all the alt-right dog whistles...

...Soros ( = Jew), "woke", "reconquer the West", "Christian civilization", etc. He's still kicking out the old jams that are deader than disco. I'm surprised he didn't use any of the 4Chan Pepe memes, e.g. "remember what (((they))) took from you" and "reject (((degeneracy))), embrace tradition".

What's new is that Orban is now unapologetically hostile to "open societies". That is a direct attack on Soros, who founded the Open Society Foundation. It is also an attack on the "Western way of life" for which he claims reverence. Apparently Orban would have us return to the bad old days of the Iron Curtain, as long as he could be the one in charge.

The writer of the article, Grace Emily Stark, is also a "Ramsey Institute Fellow"...

...at the "Center for Bioethics and Culture". IOW, more wingnut welfare. It looks like a Protestant Evangelical group that's been infiltrated by Catholic radtrads obsessed with pelvic issues. There's a little information at the links below. The CBC has enough resources for two locations (MO and CA), so they're not a small organization.

Isn't The Federalist the wingnut welfare magazine that Meghan McCain's husband runs?

https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Jennifer_C._Lahl (CBC director and a real piece of work)

And too much Reddit, DLive,...

...4Chan/8Chan/8kun/whatever the hell they call it now. The Buffalo massacre was literally murder by Pepe meme.

When it's someone else's money, most likely.

PillowMan is almost certainly spending someone else's money. It's the same situation when it comes to him jet-setting all over the country, appearing at every Drumpf rally, etc. PillowMan is broke. He's on the hook for something like $2B for the voting machine company lawsuits (which he's certain to lose), and he just sold a crappy '80s business jet for a thousand times less ($2M) to "raise funds". That's a pretty desperate look. You don't do that if you're a big dough roller.

Freudian slip.

It's hard to believe how long ago that was now. Compared with the vulgar criminality of Drumpf, the "W" administration seems almost quaint.

Yep. Remember "Umbrella Man" who trashed the black-owned auto parts store...

...during the George Floyd protests? His actions turned out to be crucial in turning the event from a protest into a riot. He also was connected to white supremacist groups.


RooshV, Nick Fuentes, and many other alt-right figures use/used DLive...

...which started out as a gaming platform, of all things. Apparently it had a very lax TOS and used hard-to-track cryptocurrency donations which made it attractive to haters. Both RooshV and Fuentes were deplatformed recently. Fuentes was booted from DLive; RooshV went through some kind of psychosis and claimed he stopped doing livestreams because of his "religious beliefs". It couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that DLive demonetized his channel as a warning, could it?

DLive is a bit like Reddit; both are so infiltrated by alt-right chuds that nothing stays innocent for long. Someone could set up a hobby-oriented streaming channel around, say, model railroading, and within a couple of days, the comments would be full of Pepe memes and garbage about Da Jooz and Soros running the world.

My favorite irony of all this is when people of color and "ethnics" like RooshV...

...and Nick Fuentes jump onboard these movements, somehow thinking they're going to ride the tiger, and then get a bitter taste of reality. Roosh already tangled with the Stormfront thugs who threatened to kill him. Apparently, Nazis think that when you LARP as an Iranian MRA/PUA, that's "degeneracy" punishable by a lynching. Who knew?!

As for Nick, "fuck around and find out": Nazis don't care that you "look white" when your name is "Fuentes".

He will discover sooner than he thinks that those trains are coming for him, too...and believe me, those trains run on time.

Yep. The increasingly radical programming, especially "hot talk"...

...the industry shop talk term for ever-more-extreme radio, has been a growing problem going on two decades at least.


And of course, TV and internet broadcasters are following the same strategy. People who Drumpf brainwashed into thinking Fox News was too liberal now flock to ONAN...er...OANN, NewsMax, RSBN, Real America's Voice, WorldNetDaily, etc.
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