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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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Witzke is a convert to Orthodoxy. Her mention of Orthodoxy and Russia is a HUGE dog whistle...

...to the chuds, who see Putin as "based and red-pilled", to use their moronic lingo. It's like everything else with the alt-right and alt-right-adjacent idiots; they really, really hate that some people (LGBT+, Jews, women, etc.) have successfully fought for their rights, and the chuds want to stuff them back in the closet. The incels, MRA/PUAs, the alt-right, etc. are all of a piece, with little to no daylight between them.

The alt-right are the ones who need to be forced back into the closet--or rather, put back under the rock from whence they crawled.

Like many states, WI is multiple states within its official state borders.

To a first degree of approximation, "Wisconsin" is really separate eastern and western halves. If you drive through western WI, you will quickly realize you are driving through chud country. You will see nonstop anti-abortion billboards, homemade political signs in farm fields, etc. Nearly everything you see like this will be from a far-right perspective. And western WI votes, unfortunately. They vote reliably enough that Tommy Thompson could essentially ignore large urban centers like Milwaukee during his career as governor and suck up to the increasing number of far-right "think" tanks in his state.

WI is not alone in this city-country geographical divide. Many states in the Upper Midwest like MN also have deep red areas. There is a maxim attributed to James Carville that succinctly describes the problem: "between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, you've got Alabama".

Social and economic Calvinism are two of America's original sins...

...not as serious as the original sin of slavery, but nonetheless serious and seemingly impossible to eradicate. Especially during adversity, America's social Calvinist nature always seems to rise up again.

Angela Nagle has written extensively about the incels, MRA/PUAs, and the alt-right.

Her book, Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4Chan and Tumblr To Trump and the Alt-Right isn't without criticism (some on the left have found it problematic, with sloppy research). However, it was probably the first serious look at the problem from outside the alt-right social media spaces of 4Chan/8Chan/Reddit/etc.


Nagle also gave a talk in Sydney in 2018:


WTF happened to the small-government libertarian Republicans?

You know, the ones who want the government the hell out of your private life?

Oh, well, I guess that's a rhetorical question. They all just pay lip service to that. And they're all too cowardly to stand up to Trump anyway.

It's been clear for some time that their unspoken motto is...

"Community = Communism". A variation on the Maggie Thatcher-ism "there is no such thing as society".

What a joke. Drumpf's fans think he's some kind of business genius. The reality is...

...that he's certainly plagiarizing what he just saw five minutes ago on Fox News. I'm sure Stuart Varney or some other idiot was whining about Wall Street.

Drumpf's fans conveniently forget that he ran three casinos into the ground. He bought what should have been a turnkey airline operation from Eastern (Trump Shuttle) and wrecked it. And by the way, has this asshole ever ran a publicly-traded company? I wouldn't trust Drumpf to run a coffee shop.

Well, you definitely have a point. But as you say, there are still a few unions with some degree...

...of militancy. The Teamsters and IBEW are still out there organizing. IBEW in particular shouldn't be overlooked; they are very active in the technology workplace. But things aren't great right now, and the battle is on several fronts. One of the most important is the courts, and not just the Supreme Court. There have to be some major changes to labor law, including reversing the worst decisions of the last 20 years (at least).

Yes, you're right about that. But what about the powerhouse unions we still have?

The UAW, IBEW, etc.? We really need them to step up on this. I can guess why they're not; it's probably because K Street is thousands of miles from a lot of their members, and they think the dues-paying members need representation closer to home. They're not wrong. But the problem is that the policy that is directly harming them is being made in far-right "think" tanks on K Street.

They need to be doing both.

Some of the cell lines go back even further, to the 1960s.

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