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sofa king

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Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2004, 03:27 PM
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I see only one Gingrich VP play.

Trump would be absolutely crazy to allow a plotting sociopath like Gingrich to be one knife away from his own job. Trump is a lot of things, but he's not suicidal. So it makes no sense....

...UNLESS Trump really does plan to bail out after winning the job. Then he can run off, start his TV network with President Gingrich as an exclusive guest every week, and profit from the sell-off of America.

An actual trickle-down process.

As Trump keeps talking and thus adding to Mrs. Clinton's near-insurmountable lead, the Democratic Party is for once able to divert funds and effort to the undercard races in the Senate and House.

Add to that the fact that President Obama is going to be running directly against Republican Senators for their refusal to hold hearings on his Supreme Court nominee, and the fact that a couple hundred Democrats see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a good crack at established Republican House Members, and the fact that Republican gerrymandering across dozens of states has watered down their dominance in many districts, and the fact that the Trump campaign is sucking Republican money from the bottom up, and all of a sudden it's looking like a possible clean sweep of all three branches of government.

Told ya.

As I explained long ago, the Clinton email scandal is all about protecting the hundreds of former Bush Administration criminals who used private email servers to discuss actual crimes, then feloniously destroyed the emails.


The next President is going to have the responsibility of either prosecuting or not prosecuting the Bush Administration for its grand-scale felonious violation of the Presidential Records Act, in which millions of official government emails were illegally sent through the RNC email servers for years, then destroyed. To this day it is claimed that the emails are "lost," but I guarantee you that NSA, the Russians, and the Chinese all have 'em, because the RNC didn't protect those emails as well as they should have.

We are talking about a conspiracy conducted at every level of the executive branch for years, involving thousands of people, all of whom are looking at seven years in pound-me-in-the-ass prison for failing to document their work as our public servants....

To the above I would add that it has since emerged that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice both did the exact same thing. That suggests still another exonerating factor for Mrs. Clinton, which is that the backdoor communications channel is an accepted method of American diplomacy. But whatever, the point here is to threaten Mrs. Clinton so that she does not render an entire generation of Republican administrators unfit for future public service. I hope that she burns it all to the ground as President and takes the risk that she too will someday face prosecution.
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