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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
January 31, 2024

GOP's Tommy Tuberville isn't done disparaging the U.S. military

Tommy Tuberville is not required to support or respect the armed forces, but given his record, shouldn't he at least try to stop disparaging the military?

This week, the coach-turned-politician appeared on Fox Business and thought it’d be a good idea to complain about what he perceives as the U.S. military’s “weakness.”

“You’ve got people that I don’t trust running the show. We’ve got less experience. Our military is the weakest it’s been in many, many years. Since 1991, you know, we’ve kinda gone downhill with our military.”

To be sure, it’s a free country. Senators are not required to support or respect the armed forces. If Tuberville wants to disparage the U.S. military, that’s between him, his conscience, and his constituents.

But there are a few things worth keeping in mind.

First, there’s a degree of irony in seeing Tuberville take steps to weaken the military and then whine about how weak he thinks the military is.

Second, the idea that the armed forces have “gone downhill” over the last 33 years isn’t supported by any evidence, and the GOP senator made no effort to substantiate his baseless rhetoric.

And finally, I can’t help but remember a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in which Tuberville boasted that “there’s nobody more military up here than me.” The Alabama Republican — who has literally never spent a day serving in the armed forces — was referring to a panel filled with actual military veterans from both parties, many of whom received honors for their service, some of whom served in combat, and some of whom suffered serious injuries while in uniform.

Tuberville’s “more military” boasts were offensive at the time, but they appear even worse in hindsight.
January 31, 2024

The problem(s) with Trump's ugly rhetoric about the Jordan attack

Donald Trump's ugly rhetoric about the attack in Jordan is intended to persuade people who don’t remember what actually happened when he was in office.

But in terms of factual details, Trump asserted that such an attack “never” would’ve happened if he were in office, but reality tells a very different story. As a New York Times report explained, “In fact, Iran and its proxies did attack American and allied interests during Mr. Trump’s presidency.”

In March 2020, for example, two American service members and a British soldier were killed in a rocket attack on a military base in Iraq, and the U.S. believed Iran-backed militia groups were most likely behind the assault. A few months earlier, a barrage of rockets killed an American contractor and wounded four American service members in Kirkuk, Iraq.

NBC News reported in September 2020, in the months that followed, militia groups — believed to be backed by Iran — continued to target U.S. military bases, and the frequency of those attacks increased throughout Trump’s final year in the White House.

What’s more, let’s also not forget that in January 2020, an Iranian missile strike left several dozen of U.S. troops with traumatic brain injuries. Trump dismissed the importance of the injuries — the Republican called them little more than "headaches" — prompting Veterans of Foreign Wars to ask the then-president to apologize for minimizing what had happened to the troops.

Trump ignored the VFW’s appeal.

My point is not to blame Trump for the attacks that occurred on his watch. Rather, my point is that when Trump tries to blame his own country’s leaders for foreign terrorism, and says such violence would “never” happen if he were in office, we know this is ugly and unnecessary nonsense, intended to persuade people who don’t remember what happened just four years ago.
January 31, 2024

Following subpoena, House Dem confirms Justice Department probe

If President Biden has weaponized the DOJ, then why are so many Democrats being investigated?

As this week got underway on Capitol Hill, there weren’t any major developments of note, though observers were taken aback when House Reading Clerk Susan Cole publicly informed lawmakers of something entirely unexpected.

......As things currently stand, the Justice Department, under the leadership of Attorney General Merrick Garland, is:

prosecuting President Joe Biden’s son;

prosecuting an incumbent Democratic senator during his re-election bid; and

investigating an incumbent Democratic representative during her re-election bid.

And yet, despite these developments, one of the animating concepts in contemporary Republican politics is that rascally Democrats have “weaponized” federal law enforcement to punish GOP figures and shield Democrats from accountability. The Justice Department and the FBI, leading Republican voices insist, are little more than political tools for the Biden White House and its fiendish allies.....

In 2024, assertions about a “two-tiered” justice system are foundational to GOP politics. They’re also routinely discredited by real-world events.

Indeed, if Biden and his team were trying to weaponize federal law enforcement to benefit Democrats, they’ve proved themselves to be incredibly bad at it.
January 31, 2024

As U.S. economic recovery leads the world, Trump seeks credit

TFG is delusional

Just as notably, the economy in the United States isn’t just strong from a historical perspective, it’s also strong by an international perspective. The Washington Post reported over the weekend on an underappreciated detail: Our economy is outpacing our peer nations abroad, which means Americans are experiencing “the world’s best recovery.”

The European economy, hobbled by unfamiliar weakness in Germany, is barely growing. China is struggling to recapture its sizzle. And Japan continues to disappoint. But in the United States, it’s a different story. Here, despite lingering consumer angst over inflation, the surprisingly strong economy is outperforming all of its major trading partners.

The Post quoted Claudia Sahm, a former Federal Reserve economist, who said, “The U.S. has really come out of this into a place of strength and is moving forward like covid never happened. We earned this; it wasn’t just a fluke.”...

None of this was even remotely true. It was also soon contradicted by Trump’s own attempts to claim credit for good economic news. CNBC reported:

Former President Donald Trump on Monday admitted that the stock market is on the rise under his successor, President Joe Biden — but Trump still tried to take credit for it. “THIS IS THE TRUMP STOCK MARKET,” Trump wrote in an all-caps Truth Social post.

So let’s take stock of what the likely Republican presidential nominee wants voters to believe. First, the economy is terrible, and people should definitely blame Biden. Second, parts of the economy are great, and people should definitely credit Trump.

And third, when people see economic data that might make them feel better about the resilient U.S. economy, they should assume that the figures are “fake,” unless Trump likes the data, in which case he’ll claim credit for the good news.
January 31, 2024

America's Image Abroad Rebounds With Transition From Trump to Biden


The election of Joe Biden as president has led to a dramatic shift in America’s international image. Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, publics around the world held the United States in low regard, with most opposed to his foreign policies. This was especially true among key American allies and partners. Now, a new Pew Research Center survey of 16 publics finds a significant uptick in ratings for the U.S., with strong support for Biden and several of his major policy initiatives.

In each of the 16 publics surveyed, more than six-in-ten say they have confidence in Biden to do the right thing in world affairs. Looking at 12 nations surveyed both this year and in 2020, a median of 75% express confidence in Biden, compared with 17% for Trump last year.

During the past two decades, presidential transitions have had a major impact on overall attitudes toward the U.S. When Barack Obama took office in 2009, ratings improved in many nations compared with where they had been during George W. Bush’s administration, and when Trump entered the White House in 2017, ratings declined sharply. This year, U.S. favorability is up again: Whereas a median of just 34% across 12 nations had a favorable overall opinion of the U.S. last year, a median of 62% now hold this view.,,,,,

In most countries polled, people make a stark distinction between Biden and Trump as world leaders. Nearly eight-in-ten Germans (78%) have confidence in Biden to do the right thing in world affairs; a year ago, just 10% said this about Trump. Similar differences are found in Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands, and in all nations where a trend is available from 2020 there is a difference of at least 40 percentage points.

As is the case with views of the United States as a whole, confidence in U.S. presidents has shifted dramatically over the past two decades, especially in Western Europe. In Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and France – four nations Pew Research Center has surveyed consistently – ratings for Bush and Trump were similarly low during their presidencies, while this year confidence in Biden is fairly similar to the ratings Obama received while in office.

......Reflecting high levels of confidence in the U.S. president, overwhelming majorities say Biden is well-qualified for the position, and many see him as a strong leader. Very few view Biden as either dangerous or arrogant. And in most cases, these views are in stark contrast to views of his predecessor.

A median of 77% think Biden is well-qualified for his role as president, ranging from 64% in Japan to 84% in Sweden. Among many of these same publics polled in 2017, only a third or fewer saw Trump as well-qualified.
January 31, 2024

'It's a real mess': Houston Jews blast HISD for botching school calendars

The Houston Independent School District was taken over by the state and is run by an idiot appointed by Greg Abbott. This idiot does not understand Jewish holidays and did not schedule a school holiday for High Holy Days. The High Holy Day holidays all start at sunset and end on a sunset. Yom Kippur starts on the sunset of October 11 and end on the sunset of October 12. Scheduling a school holiday on October 11 is of no help to Jewish families.

But the city's Jewish parents soon realized Miles' new leadership had failed to incorporate Jewish High Holy Days holidays in both proposed academic calendars, including Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish New Year, which begins Wednesday, Oct. 2 on sundown with synagogue services and ends Friday, Oct. 4 at nightfall.

Parents said the district put in a so-called "Fall Holiday" on Friday, Oct. 11—which aligns with Yom Kippur. However, they noted their families actually observed the holiest holiday in Judaism after sundown and so there's no real reason to keep their children home during the school day. In fact, many families prefer keeping their children in school during the daytime so they can better prepare feasts to break the traditional fast.

To Heather Lepow, a local restaurant owner whose teenage daughter attends Bellaire High School, the district had botched its attempts to create a school calendar fitting for Houston's growing Jewish community. "There's no reason for them to be off on October 11," Lepow said Monday. "It's just a random day. They're not doing anything for the Jewish community by giving us off that day."

In recent weeks, Houston's Jewish parents, families, rabbis and faith organizations have been sharing HISD's proposed school calendars on social media platforms and private WhatsApp groups. The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston posted notices on Facebook and Instagram recommending that taxpayers ask HISD to move the "Fall Holiday '' from the non-holiday of Oct. 11 to Oct. 3 in observance of Rosh Hashanah. Lepow and other parents agreed with the changes and submitted their comments online.

January 30, 2024

Judge throws out Elon Musk's $56 billion Tesla pay package

My hobby a couple of years ago was following the fight by Twitter to enforce the merger agreement that Musk signed with Twitter. That case was in Delaware Chancery Court which is a special court for corporate litigation. Musk hates Delaware and the Delaware Chancery Court. After getting his butt kicked by Wachtell Lipton in Delaware Chancery Court in the Twitter litigation, Muck reincorporated Twitter in Nevada. Musk should had move Tesla to Nevada. There is a 200+ page opinion that will be light reading for me this weekend.

A Delaware judge on Tuesday voided the $56 billion pay package of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, ruling that the company’s board of directors failed to prove “that the compensation plan was fair.”

Tesla’s share price slid about 3% in after-hours trading Tuesday following news of the decision in the lawsuit filed by Richard Tornetta, a shareholder in the electric automaker.

“The plaintiff is entitled to rescission,” Delaware Chancery Court Judge Kathaleen McCormick wrote in her ruling agreeing that Musk’s pay package was inappropriately set by Tesla’s board.

“The parties are to confer on a form of final order implementing this decision and submit a joint letter identifying all issues, including fees that need to be addressed to bring this matter to a conclusion at the trial level,” McCormick said.

This tweet made me smile
Texas has adopted a new court system for corporate issues that is supposed to mimic the Delaware Chancery Court. These new courts will only be in 5 five or so court of appeals jurisdictions initially. The litigators I have talked to are skeptical that these courts will be on the same level as the Delaware Chancery Courts.

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