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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
September 16, 2019

Bolton's Already Shopping Around For A Book Deal On A Potential Tell-All

A tell all book from Bolton could come out just before the 2020 general election

September 16, 2019

Joe Biden's childhood struggle with a stutter: How he overcame it and how it shaped him

Joe is very well equipped to take on trump the bully


Valerie Biden Owens, the former vice president’s younger sister, says that one lasting impact of his childhood stutter is that it has given him more empathy and compassion for others’ trials, and it uniquely equips him to handle Trump’s taunts.

“Trump is a bully, and Joe has been standing up to bullies his entire life,” Owens said in an interview. “Joe’s stuttering, I think, is one of the principal reasons — a major, major, major reason — that he is the good and compassionate and kind man that he is.”

About 3 million Americans suffer from the speech impediment of stuttering, marked by involuntary repetition of sounds, syllables or words. According to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, most children outgrow their stutter, but for 25% of them, stuttering is a lifelong challenge.

Biden has overcome the serious stutter of his youth, but remnants of it resurface on occasions such as when he is very tired, he said in a 2016 speech. Experts on stuttering who follow him closely say they have noticed it on several occasions during the campaign, such as an interview on “The View” when he addressed complaints about his tendency to touch and hug women while campaigning, and an April speech in Pittsburgh launching his campaign, when he struggled with words.
September 15, 2019

Beto was campaigning for a local candidate in Texas yesterday

We are trying to flip control of the Texas legislature and need nine seats. Due to Beto's efforts, we flipped 12 seats in 2018. On Saturday, Beto was out campaigning for a Democrat running in a special election to replace a republican state house member who resigned.
If we can flip the Texas state house, we can prevent the Texas repubs from controlling redistricting. There is an election in November of this year to fill the seat for the remainder of the term. It is unlikely that there will be a special session and so this race may not mean much but it is great to see Beto out campaigning.

Beto is an amazing campaigner and I appreciate his efforts. BTW, Beto drops a couple of "hells" in this speech which makes me smile

Beto is a simply great campaigner and a good man. Thank you Beto

September 13, 2019

I met Biden at a fundraiser today

I attended a fundraiser for Biden. It was in the condo of an attorney and there were 80 or so people there. I was a delegate to the National Convention and I brought back from Philadelphia several signs including a JOE sign and two SCRANTON PA signs that we held up during his speech. Joe signed all three signs. I also got to shake his hand and got a couple of pictures with him

Joe gave a great speech. He spoke for about 30 minutes and we heard why he got into the race and his views on a number of issues.

I am tired but very happy. I was a very nice event. Joe stayed and talked to people for a good while after the event was over and he was great.

September 12, 2019

Ted Cruz predicted a "record-shattering" Democratic turnout in Texas in 2020

I hate agreeing with Carnival Cruz

“I think the Texas election in 2018 is powerful foreshadowing for what to expect across the country in 2020,” Cruz said, referring to his reelection battle against former Rep. Beto O’Rourke. “The Democrats in Texas increased their turnout more than 100 percent.”

Cruz reflected on his own contest against O’Rourke, noting that the Texas Democrat outspent his campaign “3 to 1” and that his Senate race was the most expensive in history. Cruz beat O’Rourke by about 2.6 percentage points.

Cruz further predicted that there will be “record-shattering” Democratic turnout in 2020 and that Republicans will need to turn out other voters.
September 12, 2019

I like the concept of the Down Ballot pledge

The down ballot pledge asks all candidates to agree to work for and raise money down ballot candidates if they are the nominee https://www.runforofficeday.com/


September 12, 2019

Inside Warren's War With the Obama Team

I cut out the first sentence of the title of this article. I am a strong supporter of President Obama and this article has some interesting material.

But interviews with more than 50 top officials in the Obama White House and Treasury Department, members of Warren’s inner circle at the time and Warren herself, reveal a far more combative relationship between her and the administration than she discusses on the campaign trail. Tensions between Warren and Obama were palpable to White House aides, even as she reserved her real fury for Geithner and White House National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, whom she regarded as predisposed toward big banks over families struggling to save their homes......

Other Obama administration officials call her a “professional critic,” “sanctimonious,” and a “condescending narcissist.” One former Treasury aide puts it this way: “We’re with Barack. We’re the liberals. Why are you pissing in our face?”

One of the administration officials adds: “She loved herself, and some of her staff had a God view of her, and that’s not aligned with government and bureaucrats which, require teamwork.”

People who worked closely with Warren at that time but are not on her presidential campaign are equally scathing about Obama and his team.

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