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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
May 27, 2023

but for Paxton's own request for a taxpayer-funded settlement-Paxton would not be facing impeachment



The House committee that recommended the impeachment said in a memo to members on Friday that they began investigating Paxton because of a $3.3 million settlement he reached with former employees in a whistleblower suit, which needed state funding. Speaker Dade Phelan has said it’s an improper use of taxpayer funds, and lawmakers have balked at providing the funds, which were not included in final drafts of the state budget.

“We cannot over-emphasize the fact that, but for Paxton’s own request for a taxpayer-funded settlement over his wrongful conduct, Paxton would not be facing impeachment by the House,” it said.
May 26, 2023

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases First-Ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism

This is evidently the policy that Boebart is unhappy with

FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases First-Ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism

Administration announces over 100 new actions and over 100 calls to action to combat antisemitism, including new actions to counter antisemitism on college campuses and online; whole-of-society strategy includes new stakeholder commitments.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is releasing the first-ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism. This strategy includes over 100 new actions the Administration will take to raise awareness of antisemitism and its threat to American democracy, protect Jewish communities, reverse the normalization of antisemitism, and build cross-community solidarity.

President Biden decided to run for President after what we all saw in Charlottesville in 2017, when Neo-Nazis marched from the shadows spewing the same antisemitic bile that was heard in Europe in the 1930s. That is why he has prioritized action to counter antisemitism and hate of all kinds.

The United States has recently experienced an alarming increase in antisemitic incidents, among other acts of hatred. American Jews account for 2.4% of the U.S. population, but they are the victims of 63% of reported religiously motivated hate crimes, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

While antisemitic incidents most directly and intensely affect the Jewish community, antisemitism threatens all of us. Antisemitic conspiracy theories fuel other forms of hatred, discrimination, and bias—including discrimination against other religious minorities, racism, sexism, and anti-LGBTQI+ hate. Antisemitism seeks to divide Americans from one another, erodes trust in government and nongovernmental institutions, and undermines our democracy.

That is why, in December, President Biden established the Interagency Policy Committee on Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and Related Forms of Bias and Discrimination, led by the White House Domestic Policy Council and National Security Council. As its first order of business, President Biden tasked this group with producing the first-ever U.S. national strategy to counter antisemitism in the United States.

This national strategy sets forth a whole-of-society plan that both meets this moment of escalating hatred and lays the foundation for reducing antisemitism over time. Informed by input from over 1,000 stakeholders from every sector of American society, it outlines over 100 new actions that Executive Branch agencies have committed to take in order to counter antisemitism—all of which will be completed within a year. The strategy also calls on Congress to enact legislation that would help counter antisemitism and urges every sector of society to mobilize against this age-old hatred, including state and local governments, civil society, schools and academic institutions, the tech sector, businesses, and diverse religious communities.

To support the whole-of-society call to action, today the Biden-Harris Administration also announced commitments to counter antisemitism and build cross-community solidarity by organizations across the private sector, civil society, religious and multi-faith communities, and higher education. Today’s announcements include commitments from the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, Asian American Foundation, Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance, College of William & Mary, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Foundation to Combat Antisemitism alongside six professional sports leagues, Interfaith Alliance, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, National Action Network, National Basketball Players Association, National Urban League, Polarization & Extremism Research & Innovation Lab at American University, Recording Academy, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, Sikh Coalition, Southern Poverty Law Center, and UnidosUS. The Administration calls on additional organizations to join this existing group in establishing their own impactful initiatives to counter antisemitism.
May 26, 2023

Nasdaq threatens to delist the Trump SPAC from the stock market

Trump Media & Technology was going to go public by merging with a special purpose acquisition company called Digital World Acquisition. The SEC has strict rules on these transactions including a requirement that the SPAC not having any deal with the company to be acquired prior to the SPAC's registration statement going effective. The SEC and the DOJ are investigating this transaction and now there is another major issue

Digital World Acquisition Corp., the blank-check firm seeking to merge with former President Donald Trump’s media venture that owns the Truth Social app, has received a delisting notice from the Nasdaq.

In a press release Wednesday, Digital World said it “received an expected letter” from the stock market because hasn’t filed a quarterly report for the period ending on March 31. The letter doesn’t mean the company will be delisted, but its stock could disappear from the Nasdaq exchange if it doesn’t get its act together soon.

“The Nasdaq notification letter has no immediate effect on the listing or trading of the company’s securities on the Nasdaq,” the company said. It has until July 24 to submit a plan to regain compliance of the Nasdaq’s rules......

Digital World has said the federal probes have blocked the ability to get the deal with TMTG consummated. Despite shareholders’ rejection of the TMTG deal, Digital World said late last year it has been able to buy additional time because its sponsor, ARC Global Investments II, deposited nearly $3 million into the company’s trust account to exercise an option to unilaterally extend the merger agreement.
May 26, 2023

Harlan Crow stiffs Judiciary Committee, practically begs for a subpoena

It is time for the Judiciary Committee to subpoena this asshole

Harlan Crow basically just told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he and Justice Clarence Thomas, and perhaps the Supreme Court itself, are above the law. A subpoena to Crow could test that idea.

The arrogant and misguided claims came from the Texas billionaire’s attorney in a letter dated Monday that was in response to a letter from the committee seeking more information on the Republican megadonor’s previously unreported largesse to Thomas, which has been the subject of controversy ever since ProPublica began to detail it in its bombshell investigative reporting.

Crow’s lawyer, Michael D. Bopp, told the Senate Judiciary Committee in the letter: “After careful consideration, we do not believe the Committee has the authority to investigate Mr. Crow’s personal friendship with Justice Clarence Thomas.” The framing displays the same purposeful naivety that Crow did in an exclusive interview published in The Atlantic on Monday in which he feigned bewilderment that a Supreme Court justice wasn’t allowed to have friends.....

Crow’s attorney also missed the mark in claiming that Congress can’t regulate Supreme Court operations. Congress provides funding for the court and and controls its size, for example. As for the claim that the committee doesn’t have a “valid legislative purpose” for the inquiry, that’s, at the very least, not a judgment that should be left up to the party that stands to benefit from that argument. Crow isn’t a judge, even if a particularly powerful one in Thomas might feel indebted to him.....

With Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., now back in Washington and resuming work on the Judiciary Committee after a health-related absence, the committee — which now has a theoretically working majority — should take the next step and subpoena Crow.

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