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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
May 2, 2023

Feinstein 'hopeful' she can return to Senate next week, Schumer notes say

Source: Politico

Chuck Schumer spoke to Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Monday and the ailing California Democrat is “hopeful” she’ll return to Washington next week, according to notes the Senate majority leader held at a Tuesday press conference.

Feinstein, who is set to retire at the end of this Congress, has been absent from the Senate since early March after being hospitalized with shingles. The 89-year-old’s continued absence has left Democrats short of a crucial vote both in the chamber and on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The potential effect of her lost vote took on new urgency Monday, when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced the country could breach the debt limit by June 1.

Schumer did not address Feinstein’s absence aloud during the press conference. Schumer’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Earlier on Tuesday Feinstein’s office told POLITICO that Feinstein “continues to make progress in her recovery” from shingles, but that her staff “don’t have a timeline yet for her return to Washington, which is dependent on her medical team saying it is safe to travel.”

Read more: https://twitter.com/politico/status/1653489574998429703

May 1, 2023

Trump loses bid for Carroll mistrial after lawyer's literary fumble

EJ Carroll wrote a book called "What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal." TFG's attorney questioned here about the book and the judge stepped in and told the idiot TFG attorney that this was satire based on Swift's "A Modest Proposal" Today TFG's attorney filed a motion for a mistrial based in part on the judge pointing out that the TFG attorney is an idiot.

Yet, one of the items on Tacopina's laundry list of unfairness stood out as especially absurd. It dealt with literature, a controversial subject in the book-banning GOP these days. And it provides a lesson about one work Republicans might want to keep on the shelves.

Tacopina pointed to an exchange with Carroll on cross-examination about a reference in her book to sending all men to Montana for retraining. When he pressed her, Carroll pointed out that it was satire, suggesting that Tacopina was an idiot if he didn't understand that. Then Kaplan interjected to note that Carroll's satire comes from Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal," a satirical essay from the 18th century that "proposed" poor Irish parents sell their children as food.

In his failed mistrial letter, Trump's lawyer argued that it was inappropriate for the judge to chime in and provide this context. Tacopina's letter went further by actually going through the trouble of distinguishing between Carroll's and Swift's satires, observing that Carroll referred to men while Swift referred to children. The point, Tacopina wrote, is that it was inappropriate for the judge to get involved because it showed favoritism.

Of course, Tacopina ran the risk of Kaplan's interjecting when he touched on such an obvious point. Indeed, Carroll's 2019 book is titled "What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal." The Swift reference is clear, and lawyers need to remember that the judge is always the smartest person in the room.

Kaplan didn't need to weigh in on the literary point, but his doing so doesn't create a mistrial.
May 1, 2023

Biden looks to elevate Harris' work as core to re-election bid

VP Harris has been doing an amazing job. This is a great move by the Biden/Harris campaign

— As part of the strategy to get President Joe Biden re-elected, West Wing advisers in recent months have developed a plan to better promote the work of Vice President Kamala Harris amid Republican efforts to turn her into a liability, two people familiar with the conversations said.

There is a growing view among White House aides that Harris’ work needs to be more prominently displayed to the public to earn her more recognition for her role in the administration, the sources said.

Biden is trying to tamp down public concerns about his age and whether he could complete another four-year term as Republican increase their attacks against Harris to cast her as the real candidate at the top of the ticket.

“I know that the president sees the vice president as not only a historic leader, but a true partner to him, and she’s really been at the forefront of a lot of the work that we’ve done politically,” said Jaime Harrison, the chair of Democratic National Committee. “I really do believe that she’s going to be at the forefront and a crucial component of the re-election process.”.....

Former White House chief of staff Ron Klain said Harris will continue to help Biden as the election gets closer.

“She’s a very effective part of the administration and will be a critical part of the campaign once it gets underway,” Klain said. “She is great on the stump. You have a lot of advantages as president running for re-election, but one disadvantage is you have to be president. So he will have to continue to govern and lead the country, and there will be times when he won’t be able to go out and campaign but she will. And she will be a very effective spokesperson and very effective doing a lot of events around the country.”
May 1, 2023

Trump's own researchers told him inconvenient truths about fraud

TFG commissioned two separate reports on election fraud. Between these two reports, the TFG campaign sent over $1.3 million. Special Counsel Jack Smith is going to have fun with both of these reports

At first blush, The Washington Post’s new reporting on Donald Trump hiring researchers to uncover election fraud, only to come up empty, might seem familiar. But don’t click away just yet, because this is going somewhere.

Ken Block, founder of the firm Simpatico Software Systems, studied more than a dozen voter fraud theories and allegations for Trump’s campaign in late 2020 and found they were “all false,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post. “No substantive voter fraud was uncovered in my investigations looking for it, nor was I able to confirm any of the outside claims of voter fraud that I was asked to look at,” he said. “Every fraud claim I was asked to investigate was false.”

The Republican operation paid the company $750,000.....

In February, the Washington Post reported on the Berkeley Research Group, which is well known in legal and corporate circles as a leading consulting firm with prominent clients. As we’ve discussed, when Trump’s political operation set out to scrutinize the 2020 presidential election, and it sought out expert researchers to bolster the former president’s conspiracy theories about voter fraud and election irregularities, it turned to BRG to do the heavy lifting.....

The Post reported in February that the BRG’s “Project 2020” report is now in Justice Department’s hands, as part of the Jan. 6 investigation, and Simpatico’s founder added that he recently received a subpoena from special counsel Jack Smith’s office and met with federal prosecutors in Washington.

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