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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
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Bernie Sanders's foreign policy is a risk for Democrats against Trump

trump would have fun with this

One issue involves Sanders’s stance toward the former Soviet Union, a record that could undercut Democrats’ ability to criticize Trump for being too close to Russia today.

The documents from the Sanders archives include a letter from Soviet Embassy First Secretary Vadim Kuznetsov in March 1983, congratulating Sanders on his reelection as mayor and thanking Sanders for receiving him in Sanders’s office. Kuznetsov had been in Burlington to attend a conference on nuclear disarmament at the University of Vermont a few days earlier. Neither Sanders nor conference organizers appear to have read a 1976 Time magazine article that identified Kuznetsov as a member of a “Soviet intelligence squad” posing as diplomats to infiltrate U.S. politics.

In 1988, Sanders traveled to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon and forged a “sister city” cooperation program there. Many believe he gave a rosy depiction of conditions there just a few years before the communist system collapsed.

Joe Biden claims a Caucus Day endorsement: Urbandale Mayor Bob Andeweg, a former Republican.


Iowa state @RepAmyNielsen endorses @JoeBiden for president.


Democrats on Twitter are more liberal than those not on the platform Pew Research Center


ENDORSEMENT Former Ambassador & Senator Max Baucus Endorses @JoeBiden for President


Walt Disney-Rise of Resistance

I was at Walt Disney World last week end. My son had been to WDW the weekend before for MLK weekend and told how to get onto the newest ride. You have to get a virtual boarding pass at the Hollywood Studio park just after it open. I was at the bus station at my resort at 6 AM and got to the park at 7:05 and got a later boarding pass. all of the boarding passes were issued by 7:15.

Here is a video of the ride

Pollster increased size of font which cut off Mayor Pete

This makes me smile

Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden


The issue of Biden’s electability was the driving force behind the decision and a key concern of the union’s membership, which was randomly surveyed by phone in an “extensive poll” conducted by a professional pollster ATU hired, Costa said.

“The numbers came back very strong for Joe,” Costa said, declining to discuss details of the “internal” survey. “Not only did people support him, but we asked who would be best to beat Trump, and he was overwhelmingly seen as the best to do it.“

The endorsement comes at a critical time for the two candidates ahead of Monday’s caucus in Iowa, where Sanders has a marginal lead in polling averages.

Both men have also slugged it out with union endorsements, with Sanders scoring the support of the American Postal Workers Union Thursday. Sanders worked hard for the ATU endorsement as well, and on Jan. 23 tweeted heralded its successful 84-day strike in Virginia that ended Jan. 16. Four days after Sanders’ tweet, Biden also congratulated the union via Twitter.

Thank you Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia

You have made us proud
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