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Biden campaign touts backing of coalition of South Carolina women with focus on turnout


Among those spearheading the group is Bernice Scott, founder of the “Reckoning Crew,” the powerhouse grass-roots organizing apparatus that was supporting Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) before she exited the race in December. Scott spoke to voters Wednesday morning while running errands, before meeting for three hours to strategize with volunteers.

“We are the ones who know exactly what’s going on in these communities,” Scott, who had already endorsed Biden, said of black women in particular. “It’s important that we carry the message for our country. This is going to make a difference, women talking to women about the election and how important it is for everybody.”

Biden’s central electability argument is that he is the candidate best positioned to beat President Trump in November, but first he would have to win the Democratic nomination. With most of Iowa’s returns in, he trails former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). He also lags Sanders in a Washington Post average of New Hampshire polls.....

Democratic strategist Jalisa Washington-Price, who most recently worked as a Harris campaign staffer in South Carolina, said the list represents not just endorsements in name, but women who will be boots on the ground for Biden in the run-up to the primary. Because they were already familiar with Biden before Iowa, she said, the caucuses weren’t the same kind of voter litmus test for the former vice president that they were for Barack Obama in 2008.

Gaetz has to be one of the dumbest people around-he is filing ethics charge against Speaker Pelosi

How did this idiot pass the bar?

Joe Biden discusses stuttering at town hall

Both of these clips are very powerful


Hillary Clinton on Pres. Trump's acquittal


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Vice President Joe Biden's response to trumps disgraceful SOTU


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BREAKING ENDORSEMENT @CarolineKennedy endorses @JoeBiden


Bernie Sanders plan for "free stuff" would cost at least $60 trillion


Even former chief White House economic adviser Larry Summers, who served under Obama, said that the plans would significantly increase the size of the government. Summers described the projected spending of Sander’s agenda as “more radical” than that of any previous administration to date.

During the segment on CNN, Summers stated:

“The Sanders spending increase is roughly 2.5 times the size of the New Deal and the estimated fiscal impact of George McGovern’s campaign proposals. This is six times as large of a growth of government than any of the Ronald Reagan dismemberments. We are in a kind of new era of radical proposal.”

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, mentioned that Sanders’ agenda could basically double what the government’s spending:

“We are literally talking about increases in government spending that would double the size of government as a share of gross domestic product. It is remarkable how little attention such a huge change has gotten.”

Economists that have peered into some of the possible costs of Sander’s proposed programs have been instrumental in people wanting answers from the candidate. Conservative estimates of the Medicare for All plan cite a $32 trillion cost alone, but other estimates have run as high as $60 trillion just for that solitary program.

Then there’s the “Green New Deal”, which increases the spend on food stamp programs like SNAP, that could potentially cost $16 trillion. Wiping out all that pesky student load debt and handing out free college would also cost about $2.2 trillion as well.

Keep in mind, those are just three of the numerous programs Sanders suggested he’d make come to fruition if elected.

He’s also mentioned that he’d create universal child care, affordable housing solutions, raising the pay of teachers, and a guaranteed federal jobs program.

If Sander’s gets elected and has his way, taxes would effectively have to be doubled on mandatory spending to cover the low-end estimate of $60 trillion over a ten-year period.

02/04 Mike Luckovich: Briber on board

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