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Statement from Nevada Culinary Union on attacks by sanders supporters


FactCheck Posts -Sanders Spins Young Voter Turnout in Iowa

sanders is trying to preserve the myth of his magical voter revolution and is claiming that there was increased turnout. This claim was fact checked and found to be false

Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed there was a “huge voter turnout” among young caucusgoers in Iowa this year, saying the turnout was “even higher than Obama’s extraordinary victory in 2008.” In fact, about 10,300 fewer young voters turned out this year than in 2008.....

It’s true that an estimated 24% of this year’s Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa were 29 years old or younger — a higher percentage than in 2008 (22%) and 2016 (18%), according to Edison Research, which conducts entrance polls at the Iowa caucus sites for major news organizations. But far more people participated overall in 2008, including more young people.

“In 2016, participation in the Iowa caucuses was around 170,000 voters,” Edison Research said in a blog post prior to the Iowa caucus.

“But in 2008, turnout for the Democratic caucuses in Iowa reached record levels; 239,000 voters came out to participate in the caucuses that year.”

That means about 52,580 people ages 17 to 29 participated in the Iowa caucus in 2008 — which is far more than came out this year.
As the Washington Post reported, 176,000 people participated in the Democratic caucuses in Iowa, which means about 42,240 of the Democratic caucusgoers were 29 years old or younger. That’s about 11,640 more than participated in 2016 — when Sanders was also a presidential candidate — but it’s about 10,300 fewer younger voters than in 2008.

So, Sanders’ claim that young voter turnout among Iowa Democrats “was even higher than Obama’s extraordinary victory in 2008” is pure spin.

Luckovich-Bloomberg-And I'd really appreciate your vote....


Joe Biden-"I married way up,man. I married way up."


Luckovich-trump wants revenge on his makeup person


NH State Senate President @DonnaSoucy has just ENDORSED @JoeBiden


Shoutout to @WhoopiGoldberg for having @JoeBiden 's back

This is truly great

Buttigieg campaign mocked for adding applause to CNN town hall clip


Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign was mocked Friday for editing a clip from a CNN town hall that included inserting fake applause after a remark made by the 38-year-old presidential candidate.

"To me, that is not just a concern for our generation, it's a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations to try to make sure that the future really is better than the past," Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., said in answering a question from an audience member in New Hampshire.

In the live CNN event on Thursday night, Buttigieg's answer did not compel the audience at Saint Anselm College to break into applause.

But in a clip shared by the campaign on social media, applause was added.
The audio edit was flagged by the Center for Democracy Action, a group that supports Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Pete Buttigieg skipped more than half the questions on the NYT foreign policy questionnaire.


Culinary Union suggests Sanders, Warren asking union members to trade health plans for 'promises'

Nevada is going to be interesting

The politically powerful Culinary Union hasn’t yet endorsed in the Democratic presidential primary, but it is making clear which candidates it won’t be supporting.

A one-pager from the union, the kind of document usually distributed in employee dining rooms and break areas, obtained by The Nevada Independent obliquely accuses Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren of wanting to take away union members’ hard-fought and much beloved health plans and warns that electing either candidate will lead to four more years of a Donald Trump presidency.

The union, which provides health insurance to 130,000 workers and their family members through a special trust fund, strongly opposes the Medicare-for-all plans the two candidates support, which would eliminate the union’s health plan by design.
However, until now, union leaders have directed their ire more generally at the policy than the candidates who back it.

“Trump and his Republicans are actively trying to destroy healthcare for working families, but presidential candidates suggesting forcing millions of hard working people to give up their healthcare creates unnecessary division between workers, and will give us four more years of Trump,” the flyer says.

Though the handout does not mention either candidate by name, Sanders and Warren are the only two remaining candidates in the Democratic presidential race who back Medicare for all.

I wonder if Harry Reid is going to step in
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