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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 92,354

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Secret Service agents distributing Challenge Coins mocking shutdown: 'Don't worry, you'll get back p



Luckovich-Nancy Pelosi: Art of the Deal


Only 31% of Americans feel confident that Russia is *not* blackmailing the president


Kobach Used State's Money For Court-Ordered Legal Education Course

For long while, this was my favorite soap opera. The ACLU sued Kobach over his voter suppression plan and Kobach tried the case himself or tried to represent himself. Kobach is a very bad lawyer and the judge was not impressed with Kobach's trial skills. See https://upload.democraticunderground.com/100210350534 and
https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210403135 and https://upload.democraticunderground.com/10142087389 I really enjoyed my soap opera but was happy when the judge ruled against Kobach and ordered him to take a remedial course on civil procedure

Now we find out that Kobach is also cheap https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/kobach-used-taxpayer-money-to-pay-for-court-ordered-legal-education

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach didn’t open his own wallet to pay for six hours of legal education a federal judge ordered he take due to his “repeated and flagrant violations of discovery and disclosure rules.”

Instead, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported Tuesday, Kobach used state funds. A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office confirmed that it paid $359 for an audio version of the legal education course, according to the report.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ordered that Kobach take the legal education courses after striking down a law Kobach personally defended in court, on his then-office’s behalf, that required proof of citizenship for people registering to vote.....

The judge said of Kobach’s procedural mistakes: “It is not clear to the Court whether Defendant repeatedly failed to meet his disclosure obligations intentionally or due to his unfamiliarity with the federal rules. Therefore, the Court finds that an additional sanction is appropriate in the form of Continuing Legal Education.”

Luckovich-Eye exam for NFL Ref


Juanita Jean-Head Up! Alex Jones Warning

Juanita Jean's son is already representing a couple of the people suing Alex Jones and has been kicking Jones' butt in court. There is a hearing coming up on another case on Thursday http://juanitajean.com/head-up-alex-jones-warning/

Little Bubba will be in court in Austin this Thursday afternoon with a new Sandy Hook parent/client suing Alex Jones.

He’ll be in Judge Scott Jenkin’s courtroom at 2:00. Jones probably won’t have the guts to come but you never know. He’s nuts.

Little Bubba loves his Juanita Jean fans. They shower him with cool gifts. He got some homemade moonshine from Barbara, chocolate chip cookies from Sally, a Superman tee-shirt from Jane, and I don’t know what all else. Mostly, he just likes their smiling faces in court.

I don’t know if the New York Times will be there this time but the Austin media usually shows up. And sometimes the wacko media shows up to support Jones’ right to be a horrible human being who is trying to get these parents killed.

If you can’t make it, I’ll let y’all know if something weird happens. You never know.

Under the Constitution, the SOTU must be given to Congress and not a rally

The SOTU is a speech to congress and cannot be given at a rally https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/trump-political-rally-second-state-of-the-union

Technically, though, State of the Union speeches are delivered to Congress, not crowds at political rallies.

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution states that the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

Following the first State of the Union addresses delivered in-person to Congress by George Washington and John Adams, presidents delivered these updates in written form for more than 100 years, until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson revived the practice of delivering them in-person.

But the addresses have never been — and seemingly cannot be, constitutionally — delivered in the form of a political rally.

Congressman Schiff-trump is treating US govt workers like he treated vendors


Sen. Harris has assembled an amazing team including best election law lawyer-Marc Elias


GOP leader: Pelosi bears responsibility for party's lack of diversity

This makes me smile

But there’s a larger truth to keep in mind: if Republicans are blaming Pelosi and Democrats for the GOP’s lack of diversity, they’re failing to acknowledge the actual explanations behind their demographic challenges.

This is, after all, a party that nominated and elected Donald Trump – whose only meaningful contribution to American politics before launching a campaign was championing a racist conspiracy theory, who was recorded bragging about assaulting women, and who maintained his party’s backing after defending white nationalists who marched in Charlottesville.

It’s a party that tolerated Rep. Steve King’s antics in Iowa and Paul LePage’s antics in Maine. It’s a party that welcomed the likes of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond after they abandoned their “Dixiecrat” background. It’s a party that too often continues to target voting rights, too often uses “feminist” as an insult, and recently allowed the Violence Against Women Act to lapse.

“Nancy Pelosi does not want our party to look diverse”? The sooner Republicans stop blaming the House Speaker, and start owning up to their record, the better.
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