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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
October 1, 2023

Color me confused

Why are DUers doubting Jamaal Bowman's explanation for what happened with the fire alarm? Does he have any record of dishonesty that I'm not aware of? Since the incident, it has come out that that it wasn't even in the same building as the vote and he had no motive to delay the vote anyway. I just don't get it.

Have some people never made an honest mistake?

I DO get why repugs are freaking out and showing their insanity. But DUers? No. I haven't heard one good explanation for not accepting his explanation and apology.

September 29, 2023

Seeing that Sen. Feinstein has passed, I can't help but wish

that the media had been half this respectful BEFORE she died. Instead, she had to spend her last months being criticized and maligned for not getting out of the way. She was much more harshly judged than male colleagues with similar health problems. IMO there was a very sexist tone to a lot of the criticism.

RIP, Senator. May your memory be a blessing, and may your life be an inspiration to women (and men) everywhere.

September 28, 2023

Imagine if you will

that Joe Biden wanted to attract more voters to his side that would normally be for trump. Say "pro-lifers". So he gave a speech to an audience of "pro-lifers" in which he had them hold up signs that said "Pro Lifers for Biden". And he gave a speech in which he claimed he was better than trump on this issue.

To complete the picture, outside there were protestors with signs saying Biden did not have a "pro life" record.

Then reporting uncovered that the "Pro Lifers for Biden" were fake. Biden had lied to get supporters. His whole setup was phony and a big, stupid show.

Do you think for one moment that this story would be ignored? Seriously, I can imagine Jake Tapper absolutely self-destructing with indignation and anger now.

September 28, 2023

Now that we know the cheato audience was fake last night

and stack with fake "union members for trump", will the media report on that? Or will they even mention the protestors who were real union members?

Not holding my breath. And I'm going to keep calling them on it because they will be responsible if this freaks wins again.

September 27, 2023

"Union members for Trump"

The cheato has preprinted signs that his audience will display during his "speech" at the nonunion facility tonight. They say "Union Members for Trump"

My question is is this farce going to be televised? And will any journalists question whether these are really union members? Anyone can say they're a union member.

Maybe they should have verified UAW members watch the video and see whether any of them recognize these people. The media could do that if they wanted to know the truth. But then again, cheato might get mad at them, right?

September 27, 2023

I think I've done a 180 on covering cheato

I absolutely cannot stand the guy, and can't listen to his voice or look at his orange mug without feeling queasy. Worse, the content of his "communications" is soul killingly stupid and self-serving. So I ignore him to the best of my ability, and until recently I wanted journalists to ignore him too.

But the only thing they are ignoring is his most toxic threats and messages on Lies Social and his rambling, unhinged, and in my opinion, insane speeches filled with evidence of his declining mental state.

They are over covering his "good" poll numbers and lead in the primaries and sanitizing his stupid comments. They are ignoring his threats of violence.

It's the worst of all methods for covering this idiot. Ignoring the bad and magnifying whatever acceptable facts they can find.

It's gotten to the point that when he threatened Milley's life, they both sidered that.

SO...if they insist on covering him (and boy, do they ever), they need to start by covering his insane Lies Social posts and threats at least as much as they cover his poll numbers.

September 26, 2023

The media is both sidering cheato and Biden's labor record

It's a joke. They are both trying to help workers, they just have a different way of doing it, cheato is concerned about evs and job loss, yada yada.

The truth has a liberal bias. Only one side has a proven record of supporting labor. It's easy to find on the Google. Why can't they just say it?

I think most of us know why.

September 25, 2023


Speaking for myself, I am not big into resentment. I spend little to no time worrying about what others have that I don't have, or how easy they have it compared to me, etc. I could, and I admit I have done so occasionally, but daily? No. It doesn't appeal to me at all.

Now, I do have many other faults and I'm not trying to be holier than thou. But it struck me today that MAGA lets itself be ruled by petty resentment against the other.
It's very powerful. And it's destructive. It's what the one percent wants more than anything. All of us resenting and hating each other so that they can swoop in scoop up all the profits of our labor and our government.

So, just a suggestion...don't resent other generations, other nationalities, other classes of people. Save your resentment for the ones that are trying to screw all of us. And use it to affect change. Again, just a humble suggestion.

September 25, 2023

The coverage of strawberry cheato is worse now than 2015-6

You would think it would be difficult to match, let alone exceed the horribleness of the previous coverage. But no worries, they're up to the task and then some!

I have seen, for example, no coverage of how cheato called for execution of Gen. Milley, and when his resignation was announced today, it was presented as a both sides problem with the republicans arguing against "woke" politics in good faith, and the Dems just as responsible for the strife as the "GOP", as they love to call them.

For the last few days there have been almost no mention of his indictments or his authoritarian history. They are really cleaning him up big time!

Good job, media! By the way, this is all intentional.

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