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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
July 30, 2023

Hope this isn't too highbrow for y'all

but I've been seeing a name for the orange blob on twitter a lot lately that I like. Cheato! It's now my favorite. Combining the orange greasy junky factor with the cheating and criming. It's got everything! What do you think?

July 27, 2023

Maybe they can both sider it now

so at least it will be covered? The CNN homepage has a top headline right now about an elderly Senator who seemed to be confused and didn't know what to do until prodded by a colleague. But it's not McConnell. Guess who it is? Diane Feinstein.

I do read the CNN webpage occasionally, but have given up watching CNN unless there is breaking news that MSNBC isn't covering live. So I don't now how much they've covered McConnell on the air. But this swipe at Feinstein on their page seems like a weak attempt at both siderism.

July 18, 2023

So apparently Jake Tapper had a big interview with DeSantis

today. I know, exciting, huh? And since I don't like Tapper or CNN or DeSantis I wasn't tempted. But apparently, it was really bad from Aaron Rupar's description. Tapper asked DS if tfg should be held accountable, and he went off on some tirade about Alvin Bragg. But here's the really terrible part: absolutely NO pushback from Tapper. But he got his "big" interview.

July 18, 2023

In praise of Andrea Mitchell

I know I will get pushback for this, but I wanted to share with you a specific incident from today that will explain why I like and respect her. It has to do with the coverage of the American soldier that voluntarily crossed over to North Korea.

First, I saw the state dept correspondent for CNN cover this. She said (paraphrasing but close) that while tfg had many meetings and summits and a lot of communication with NK, Biden has none. That's it. No other context.

A few minutes later, Andrea Mitchell covered it by giving a brief history and context of tfg's communications with NK. She described the ridiculous love letters, the rocket man b.s. and so on, making it clear that these were not meaningful or helpful interactions. She then explained that Biden's team has tried many times to engage with NK in a constructive manner but have been rebuffed. She had to do this very quickly, since they were also covering the target letter and time was limited.

I appreciate her knowledge and wisdom in foreign affairs. She is very experienced in these areas. As far as her political coverage, it is not always fair. Her coverage of Hillary may have been particularly bad, but I did not see it as I was boycotting most cable news during the 2016 election. Nevertheless, even those we like here on DU, such as Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow were hardly blameless during this period.

It is difficult to find the perfect reporter with the perfect viewpoint at all times, and Andrea Mitchell certainly is not that. But her experience and wisdom in foreign affairs, especially, is hard to come by. She's seen decades of foreign conflicts, and reported on them in depth. Almost by definition, that means she's old. But there are worse things than being old, right?

July 10, 2023


Although I don't watch CNN anymore since their lovehall, I mean townhall, for their favorite president, I somehow saw a tease for some BS about Biden and his grandkids. Dana Bash, who is rapidly replacing Jake Tapper as my least favorite talking head, seemed very concerned.

Of course I immediately changed the channel, feeling queasy. But against my better judgement, I switched back to see what it was that they were frothing at the mouth about. I couldn't stomach the ridiculous panel of navel gazing inside the beltway talkers for more than a few seconds. But they were obviously trying to imply that Biden was ignoring one of grandchildren for some nefarious reason.

If this is how CNN is playing it this far from the election, can you imagine what they'll do when the election heats up? They just keep proving who they are.

July 7, 2023

Two groups that are saving the US economy inspite of the R's resistance

Today it was announced that the labor market remains strong thanks to women and immigrants. But wait...the party that loves to bash Bidenomics thinks women should be staying home and having kids, and immigrants should not be allowed in our country. Oh well, none of it needs to make sense if you're an R.

July 4, 2023

Happy Independence Day to the patriots of DU!

There are many ways to be a patriot. I think the founders would be happy with the way we show our love for our country and its constitution. We celebrate the good parts and strive to make the bad parts better. We want a more perfect union because we love our country and know what it can be. We salute those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, regardless of whether they agree with us. No trashing veterans like McCain or Kerry for us. Sometimes we make mistakes, but that is to be expected in a democracy.

Just think of what our country would be like if there was no Democratic party. We are literally keeping democracy alive.

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