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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
July 9, 2024

Hispanic Caucus supports Biden!

Just heard on MSNBC. It is somewhat amusing this morning to see the talking heads forced to report positive news/facts for Biden and then immediately return to the Biden bashing.

July 9, 2024

The press has totally lost it

After yesterday's embarrassment of a press conference, in which the WH press corps revealed itself to be a snarling, angry mob, I was happy to see the WH set the record straight about Biden's health record. Foolishly, (and I am very cynical about the corporate media as most of you know), I thought I would see some acknowledgment this morning that they had overplayed their hand. After all, the whole uproar about Parkinson's that had them hyperventilating yesterday was proven t be unfounded.

But no, they are worse today. Will not give credit to Biden for anything. When Ana Cabrera asked Michael Crowley of the NYT if Biden deserved any credit for the improved NATO alliance, he listed several positive aspects of the alliance during Biden's term, but notably did not, or would not, give him credit. Yet when he went on to point out how dangerous a cheato administration would be for NATO, he mistakenly said the alliance was worried about a BIDEN administration. Surprise, he was not corrected by Cabrera.

Next, a glowing report from Vaughn Hillyard about cheato's "relatively light" schedule the last 10 days. Seriously, that's how they characterized it. DOING NOTHING IS RELATIVELY LIGHT if you're cheato. More gushing about how cheato would have a rally, and cheato would pick his VP. Absolutely nothing even remotely critical.

The corporate media is broken and if what we all fear happens, they will be largely to blame. They have a serious role in this democracy and they are absolutely failing.

July 9, 2024

Fetterman is in a swing state and he is all in on Joe!

I admire that. H was just on MSNBC defending Joe after Chris Murphy gave a somewhat wishy washy interview. I think he has a great no-nonsense attitude and is not afraid to call BS when he sees it. If only some of his colleagues would take a page from his book.

He also seems to be so much improved at speaking since the early days after his stroke. I'm glad he's doing so well; Joe is going to need him in PA!

July 8, 2024

Communicating with low information voters is key

but do any Dems know how to do it? Let me share a brief anecdote from my very early teaching days. I was teaching a first grade class during the summer session. We had a Career Day and a pharmacist spoke to the class.

The kids seemed attentive, and I found the talk enjoyable and informative, certainly not overly technical or complicated.

At the end, he asked if there were any questions. First question from a six year old boy: "What's a pharmacist?"

Whoa. The pharmacist was taken aback, and I could see his mental wheels pinning. He backpedaled quickly and said "Well, you know when you are sick and the doctor says you need medicine? Well, I'm the one who makes sure you get the right medicine so you can get better."

The students all understood, and then had better questions, but it would have been so much better if he had started at that level. So, if we're trying to get the votes of low information voters (some of whom think that Biden took away Roe), we need to REALLY break it down.

July 8, 2024

I guess the press prefers presidents who lie to them in the briefing room

and refuse to release real medical information. One of them brought up the former guy and said that he spoke to them live in the press room. The fact that he lied to their faces over and over isn't important to them.

July 8, 2024

Cheato had ZERO appearances in the last 10 days

Biden had 18. And Biden is the one wrapped in bubble wrap?

Yes, according to most of the media.

July 7, 2024

I cannot believe what I just heard from Michelle Goldberg on MSNBC

She is a columnist for the elite NYT, which has NOT called for cheato to withdraw from the race in spite of his 13 felony convictions. She said she does not speak for the NYT and why they haven't, but her reason (paraphrased) enraged me!

The justification for the NYT not calling on the felon to withdraw is there is no evidence that he cares about the country! And Biden does! So, basically, it's useless to call on cheato to resign!

So there ya go, folks. If you run roughshod over the constitution, get convicted of felonies, and try to start an insurrection, AND you don't care about the country, the NYT will go easy on you.


July 7, 2024

Congressional Black Caucus is "largely" behind Biden

Breaking newsI on MSNBC. I have been taking my cues from black Dems lately. I think they're more in touch with the base and I trust their motives.

July 7, 2024

Irony is dead

Yes, irony is dead when it comes to the republican cult. But I thought we could use a little comic relief. JD Vance, @@##! kisser extraordinaire, went on the TV this morning to continue his bootlicking campaign to be the felon's VP pick.

HE SAID cheato IS A GOOD HUSBAND!! OMG! Cheating on all three wives is being a good husband now?

July 7, 2024

Have you noticed

that everyone fears the RW cult "base" but no one is even aware of the Dem base?
We've been subject to cheato "base" stories for almost a decade now and even the "elite" press covers them at every opportunity. No matter how dangerous and ignorant their ideas, they always get top billing.

But it seems that many in the elite beltway press and even the celebrity and political class are stunned to learn that the Democratic base exists and may not be along for the ride when it comes to shooing Biden out. I know, right?

I'm glad that Josh Marshall has finally figured this out. I know that most black leaders already knew it. Last week Donna Edwards brought up Biden's base on MSNBC and how they weren't happy with this whole narrative. None of the other panelists would touch her comment. They were having none of it.

In spite of an almost total press blackout, it seems OUR base is starting to be heard by some at least. I see that as a possible turning point and a sign to amp up the noise!

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