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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
November 9, 2023

Why I support media criticism on DU

There are many threads today on DU about the rightwing coverage of the corporate media, both print and television. Most of us notice it even if we are not glued to it 24/7. It is becoming too difficult to ignore, and seems to get worse daily. Many examples of the bias against President Biden have been given, and I have seen no real contradiction of what we are all seeing before our eyes.

Many say we are complaining, but what is the recourse? We must call them out the best we can. DU is one place for us to do that, social media such as twitter or other sites may reach bigger audiences, and we can always contact the media directly.

The alternative is silence, and I suppose that is good for ones' mental health. But I am not in the mood for that anymore, and neither are many of us.

So all we ask is that we are not nagged and criticized for calling attention to the media's attempt to give the election to cheato. You're not interested in discussing it? Fine. Don't click on the threads. I've never had any trouble avoiding threads I find irritating on DU.

In closing, I will paraphrase a Frederick Douglass quote I heard from Fran Drescher this morning about the SAG union victory: Power never concedes unless demands are made.

Let's make some demands for fair coverage of Joe Biden and his accomplishments!

November 9, 2023

Anyone actually watching the "debate"?

I'm not, but if you're interested Aaron Ruper is live tweeting it. Comments are pretty amusing.

Apparently, Vivek went after Kristin Welker for some unknown reason as he refuses to criticize cheato. Sounds like the usual #$$%% show.

November 9, 2023

Political sage Chris Sanunu

predicted on CNN that Joe Biden will not be the candidate in 2023. He said the Dems will be much smarter than that and will replace him. I don't know how to convey in writing how confidently he said it, as if it were a done deal.

Of course Wolf just blew past it. I know it's B.S., but really is this going to be their new tactic? Just keep repeating it until it's "accepted"?

Then again, if they really saw Biden as weak, they wouldn't want him to withdraw would they?

November 8, 2023

Now that it looks like the Dems are going to have a good night

it's time to start screaming about Biden's low poll numbers. Saw a screaming headline on cnn.com saying that voters' sour mood is a bad sign for Biden!!!!!!!

Now the media analyst is screaming that he's more unpopular than Jimmy Carter. These people are so tiresomely predictable. They will do whatever it takes to shape the narrative.

I mean, would it be possible to hope for some self reflection from them on how they are covering Biden since even they admit the voters' mood does not match reality. No, apparently that is not possible.

But the main thing is...change the subject because it looks like Dems are winning.

November 7, 2023

Remember the heavy lifting the media was doing for cheato

at the beginning of the autoworkers' strike? They went to great (and ridiculous) pains to equate Biden's actual support for strikers and his walking the picket line with them to cheato's visiting a nonunion location to speak to a crowd of random people?

Cheato said that the union President was going to lose the strike for them, while Biden supported the strikers and their President.

What happened when the strike ended in victory for the workers?
Who was right and stood by the workers?

BIDEN. And that's why we hear crickets now.

November 6, 2023

Obviously, I'm no polling expert

but what's with the republican weighted polls lately? Do they ever oversample Dems? If not, why not? And why not just poll equal numbers of Dems and R's? Are Dems that hard to find? (hint: no!)

Plus, in the past I seem to remember that polls were random. Is that not a thing now?

Okay, I proved I'm no expert.

November 1, 2023

Would like input from others about the Shingrix vaccine

I have had shingles more than once, am over 60, and should get the vaccine. But I am concerned about side effects. I don't know why, but this one scares me. I have all my Covid vaccines with no problem but I got a case of shingles right after my last booster a year ago. Even my doctor thinks there may have been a connection.

Anyway, my fear of the shringrix vaccine is not exactly logical, I admit that. But I am having trouble overcoming it.

October 30, 2023

I hate the way the latest mass shooting is already old news

It seems that there's very little coverage once the shooter was found dead. But that's far from the end of the story or should be. The details that are coming out are worthy of much more exposure. For instance, the local police were warned by the National Guard (how's that for a source?) that the shooter was making threats and could commit a mass shooting.

They have not even begun to explain their lack of action. It's really sounding like another Uvalde to me. But that was TX. I hope Maine does better.

October 28, 2023

Dean Phillips is a misguided dweeb IMO, but

I was looking through his wikpedia and found out that his father was killed in the Vietnam War, and his mother remarried Dear Abby's son. Interesting. Of course, his new stepfather was also very rich and he doesn't seem to have had to work too hard for anything to put it mildly.

Also, if he is so rich, why isn't he funding his own campaign? Hmm?

October 24, 2023

At what point do we realize that they're doing this on purpose?

Now that Emmer has withdrawn, it's obvious to me that R's want this "chaos" and "disarray." It is serving a purpose for them. They prefer it to governing or even pretending to work with the Democrats.

Maybe they're cleaning up in small donations from the knuckle draggers. Maybe they don't want to work and prefer drama. Maybe they are so down the rabbit hole that they actually hate our government and want to shut it down. Maybe they are afraid of the same knuckle draggers they are trying to please. By that, I mean physically afraid.

Honestly, I've lost interest in the reasons. I just know that they have no interest in solving this.

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