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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
February 4, 2024

Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman officially at the "freak out" stage

Both of these distinguished lawyers who obviously are more knowledgeable than the posters on DU who assure us that everything is fine and this is the way it always is, think it is a major problem that the Jan. 6 DC trial is being delayed because of the 3 judge panel's slow walking their decision.

Freak out stage. That's a direct quote from Neal and Andrew said he "violently" agrees. Both were on MSNBC this morning.

We need to raise our voices, folks. Things are getting real.

February 3, 2024

My compliments to Nikki Haley's stylist

I know some of you will say this is a frivolous or even sexist post. But in our very visual culture, presentation matters. It matters even more to a female candidate who will be judged very harshly by both men and women. We may not like it ( I don't, and I'm female) but it is what is. I can't relate to people who judge others by their phone or their car or their house or whatever. Doesn't mean people (voters) don't do that.

Haley is always dressed impeccably. That is not easy to do. She has to look "good" but not that good, She can't look too flashy, but she has to look stylish. Her clothes have to flatter her and be comfortable for long days of campaigning. In Iowa and New Hampshire she wore very interesting and stylish sweaters and jeans or casual pants without looking sloppy. She looked attractive, but not like she was seeking attention.

Although I know that many of you (let's face it, most of you) don't care at all, this attribute will help her with suburban women and maga men alike if she ever actually got the nomination. That's one reason I don't want her to win.

January 31, 2024

Haley: Texas can Secede from the US if the state decides to do so

Direct quote on CNN . Hoo, boy. I thought she was supposed to be the reasonable one.

January 31, 2024

What political persuasion do think this person is?

Just saw a disturbing story on CNN. A man murdered his father, decapitated him, and posted it on social media. It remained up for hours. He ranted about the Biden administration and said that his father was a traitor because he worked for the federal government. Rightwing misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories have real consequences, folks.

January 27, 2024


I thought MSNBC was improving and taking a more reasonable view of Cheato. I even started a couple of threads praising them a few days ago. I guess I should have known it would be short-lived. Or maybe this is their usual week-end routine. I don't watch on weekends too much.

Anyway... when describing Cheato's loss in court yesterday, Alex Witt said that trump was already responding on "lies" social as I call it, and then she LAUGHED. I'm sorry, there is nothing about this that is funny. To be honest, I would be surprised if an anchor on FAUX laughed after reading the verdict. Unbelievable.

Then they went to their correspondent. Liz someone, who recited Cheato's unhinged diatribe verbatim with NO FACT CHECKING, including when he accused Biden of being behind Carroll's civil case. Just reported it as though it were true.

No fact checking when they returned to Alex either. Oh, but she was EXTREMELY careful to fact check everything that was said about Cheato, pointing out twice that he was found liable for sexual abuse, not rape.

January 24, 2024

Carville bringing it on Ari's show!

He just asked why the NYT doesn't say, "Trump, who was found liable for raping a woman by a jury, said...." every time they refer to him. He said Cheato is being treated like a regular candidate by the press when he definitely is not.

Not always a fan of Carville, but he is 100% correct.

January 24, 2024

Good job again, MSNBC!

Their headline at the beginning of Nicole Wallace's show: Independents Reject Trump in New Hampshire. Good framing, not to mention true. Yesterday they interviewed more than one Biden voter. Imagine that!

Is the tide turning with a small slice of the corporate media?

Hate to ruin things by quoting Tapper at the same time on CNN, but basically he lead with Cheato's great unprecedented victory. Of course.

January 24, 2024

You know how I know that Haley doesn't have the guts to be President?

If she did, she would have called Cheato out when he threatened to expose "scandals" about her last night. She'd say, "91 times indicted felon says what?"

But she doesn't have the integrity, determination and courage to do that.

So why should anyone vote for her? Of course her positions are deplorable, but even if a voter likes them, why would they vote for a wimp who can't defend herself against such an easy target?

January 24, 2024

The fun's not over yet! Cheato's going to speak!

Hey, where is everybody going?

January 23, 2024

Biden is going to get creamed?

So Dean Phillips (I know, who?) is all over corporate media bashing Biden today. He actually said Biden is going to get creamed against Cheato, among other horrible things.

This person is no Democrat.

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