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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
January 21, 2024

Everyone freaking out about DS dropping out just shows

how mind numbingly boring and uncompetitive this primary race has been. It's the first thing of any consequence to happen in months. It's still not consequential. No matter how much lipstick they try to put on this pig, the winner always was and is going to be Cheato.

Boring, dangerous, stupid, predictable. Rinse, lather, repeat.

January 21, 2024

I predict that DS voters will mostly go to Cheato

and that is part of the reason he is doing this now. He always was a knuckle dragging trumper and he wants him to win. He's also sexist, of course.

January 21, 2024

It's absolutely true that they're in a cult, BUT

WHY are they in a cult? That's the more interesting question. Part of the answer, of course, is corporate media propaganda. That's been called out many times on this site.

But there's another answer as well. They WANT to be in a cult. They want their beliefs to be confirmed, they want easy answers to complex questions, they even want things to be "funny", or their definition of funny. Yes, they think Cheato is funny. Cruelty and lying are funny to them.

They don't understand the importance of elections, democracy, or how they benefit from a stable law enforcing government. So they're willing to risk everything for a little "fun", a sense of belonging, and feeling like a winner.

January 18, 2024

Fear is a very effective tool to get votes

That's why all Rs use it (dishonestly) to motivate their voters. Dems are going to take their appliances, their jobs, their futures away from them. No facts required, just fear, fear, fear.

But if you think about it, it's the Rs who are the threat to average Americans in so many ways. From choice, to the environment, to economics, to healthcare, the average American has MUCH more to lose from an R administration. And we don't even have to lie.

How can we use this very powerful motivating tool to our advantage? I feel like there has to be a way since the facts are all on our side. Sober speeches are okay, but do you think that really gets the point across?

January 17, 2024

So okay, as a former middle school teacher

I have some advice for the judge in the Carroll case. Expel him from court now. Do it unapologetically and state your reasons clearly. He has violated your orders and NO OTHER DEFENDENT would get away with this. Someone needs to stand up to him, and with your reputation as a "strict" judge, it should be you.

When I taught middle school I had many students like Cheato. They talked back, tried to bait me with smart ass remarks and claimed the rules didn't apply to them. If I let it stand, they would ruin the classroom environment for all the other students. So to ensure the educational integrity of my classroom, I had to stand up to them. I was 23 years old, but I figured it out.

January 16, 2024

Neither Cheato or Nikki will participate in next debate, so

it's cancelled. Just saw on CNN. Wow. It was supposed to be on ABC.

What do you think? Will there be any more debates? Will Cheato actually get the nomination without debating at all?

I can see him refusing to debate Biden as well.

January 16, 2024

Sorry, but I'm not impressed with Cheato's landslide

He's running as a defacto incumbent against three others and he barely got 50%.
The reason that's the highest anyone has gotten is because there are usually way more candidates. In 2016 there were 9, as I read on the twitter. So okay, he came in first in a very conservative state among a small slice of republican voters.

Big wup, as we used to say.

January 16, 2024

When do we start getting actual results?

I feel like I should know this but I don't. Trying to limit my viewing, so I will tune in then. Thanks!

January 15, 2024

Just an observation

Today both MSNBC and CNN will cover the R caucuses almost all day, and of course that is to be expected. Both will be very respectful of the caucus goers no matter how loony tunes their comments. From the woman on MSNBC who doesn't know why she's supporting Cheato except that everyone is picking on him to the perky smiling interviews with almost all R's on CNN, normalization will be the goal. This is a normal process they seem to be saying. Never mind that the people running and many of their guests are insurrectionists.

When the dust settles, and Cheato (I presume) is the nominee running against Joe, what will happen then? Will there be perky, smiling interviews with Democratic guests? Will there be constant polite, non-skeptical interviews with Dems? I think we know the answer. No matter how reasonable or logical Dem voters are, their thoughts will never see the light of day.

And that my friends, is propaganda.

January 13, 2024

CNN's Paula Reid actually suggested

that the allegations that Fani Willis's relationship with another lawyer on the case may be cause for the entire case to be dismissed. She didn't say it was, but she suggested that it could be. She said that Fani Willis may have to resign.

I'll wait for the facts to emerge, but I know that if there is ANYTHING there Cheato and the corporate media will never let it go.

Depressing turn of events.

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