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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
July 18, 2024

A bullet couldn't stop trump. A virus just stopped Biden

Courtesy Van Jones on CNN. This guy is an all out MAGA and I am so sick of him. He was ridiculed after the "he became President tonight" stupidity.

But this just proves it wasn't a mistake and he knows exactly what he's doing.

July 18, 2024

If you're in need of comic relief, tune in to the RNC

Apparently Gaetz is speaking and he had an unfortunate "facelift" according to Ron Filipkowski. OMG.

July 18, 2024

Project 2025 lead author Tom Homan is tonight's keynote speaker at RNC

But they don't know nuthin. They never heard of Project 2025. Will the corporate media talk about this?

I found out about this on Tea Pain's twitter 7 minutes ago.

Might be more significant than JD's facial hair.

July 17, 2024

Joy goes there!

She just said that we got more info about Biden's covid diagnosis than about cheato's wound from the shooting!

Held up the news release with all the details on it to the camera.

July 17, 2024

Are Dem leaders who come out against Biden afraid

he will lose the Presidency and the House and Senate leaving the country in the hands of very dark forces? Are they panicking?

Or is it something else?

July 17, 2024

Chuck Todd just now on MSNBC

He literally said that he thinks JD Vance' s instincts are with the working people. He said he would support their call for union protection. He said that he is going to take him at his word from The Hillbilly Elegy.

When John Nicholls pointed out that nothing in his record supports that, Katy Tur said but no one looks at records these days.

There ya go, people. JD is champion of the worker and the workers are too dumb to look a candidate's records.

July 17, 2024

MAGA is destroying journalistic norms and that's important

I have a background in journalism and hold a minor in the field from a very well known journalism department. I know what the standards are, and since I'm old, I have memories of how journalists covered administrations going back to Nixon.

The press is not required to limit their questions to what the candidate is required by law to reveal. Far from it. If that were true, there would have been no Watergate.

Investigative political journalism requires digging, probing, searching, asking questions. That's literally what it is. And, if you will only ask questions that the candidate is required by law to answer, you might as well give the job to a member of the candidate's staff.

Until the MAGA era, it would have been unheard of for a candidate to release NO medical records after an attempt on their life. That is a violation of norms. As the norms become more fragile, they will eventually cease to exist. We will have a compliant, incurious press but ONLY when the "right" candidate is concerned.
Personally, I think that the breakdown in journalistic norms is as important as the breakdown in judicial norms.

July 17, 2024

If I had known that Schiff was going to pull this I wouldn't have

voted for him in the CA Senate primary. I would have gone with my heart and supported Barbara Lee. I know many DUers have posted about this and are angry/and or disappointed and so am I.

Please keep in mind that he is currently running for Senate in CA. I can not imagine that he would do this so publicly if he thought it would hurt him in the race.

Is he right? I don't know. But as a lifelong CA resident, I can not see this helping him. So in addition to being disappointed, I am also confused. It seems to be a reckless move with no Plan B.

July 16, 2024

What would MSNBC do if any of these happened at the DNC?

A puppy killer and an OnlyFans model who promotes satanism spoke last night. But that was nothing. Today Rudy fell down for unknown reasons and Gaetz started heckling McCarthy on camera. McCarthy accused Gaetz of paying a minor for sex. MAGA!

If any of these happened at the DNC would there be a news blackout? I think we all know the answer.

Above examples are courtesy Ron Filipkowski. If you want to know what is happening at the clown show, do not count on "progressive" MSNBC. Their ratings would be better if they would cover all the dysfunctional action, but they won't.

July 16, 2024

"Let me say this again because trump is lying about it!" Biden just now

He's reminding the live audience that black unemployment is lower than it's ever been under his administration. Calling out trump's lying! He sounds pissed, and the crowd is loving it. More of this please!

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