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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
July 18, 2024

Garrett and Katy are all smiles and excitement listening to Kid Rock

They are embarrassing themselves. I mean, they are worse than teeny boppers. Katy looks euphoric and Garrett looks like he's resisting the impulse to "bust a move." Kid Rock is rehearsing behind him.

Garrett happily revealed that he had KR's album in high school. That figures.

Their attitude goes from deeply depressed when talking about Biden to giddy when talking about the R's. Absolutely unprofessional and disgusting display.

July 18, 2024

Former Secy Jeh Johnson on Biden's choice

Just heard him on MSNBC. He said that it's a very personal decision for Biden. But he did say that if Biden resigns, he would go out a winner. He would be someone who brought us together after trump, and someone who never lost a general election. He also said that Biden would probably feel relieved not being scrutinized every time he goes out in public with nitpicking about how he walks, etc.

It seemed heartfelt and sincere and full of affection for the President. But the fact remains that there is no plan! And Biden is not one to resign just because he is asked to, not matter how well meaning the advice. I would think he would demand a clear path to victory be presented to him before doing so.

July 18, 2024

"We're close the end"? Anonymous source leaks to NBC

If they mean end of democracy, they may be on to something. If they mean the end of Biden's candidacy, then the responsibility for that is on them. No more blaming Biden after that.

By the way, the media is already laying the ground for a Kamala Harris run, and it's not looking like there's going to be a "honeymoon."

So you force him out and then sit back and watch? This is absolute insanity.

July 18, 2024

Garrett Hauge or whatever his name is is the male Katy Tur

He used his million dollar journalistic skills to track down Eric Trump in the parking lot for an "interview".

The interview consisted of Eric holding forth with BS about how our country is failing with no specifics of course. He easily railroaded big time journalist Garrett who couldn't get a word in edgewise. No follow ups, but he made sure to smile engagingly at Eric at the end.

Then Garrett used his well-honed journalistic skills to smile into the camera, and say that tonight would be worldwide wrestling themed evening. He seemed really charmed by the idea.

Where is even the tiniest effort to inform the viewers about what the R's are actually proposing for the country? They don't even pretend anymore.

July 18, 2024

It's on them now and they will be judged harshly

If the Democratic elites get their way, as is looking increasingly likely, the aftermath is THEIR responsibility. They will have forced out a successful Democratic incumbent, something that would have been unfathomable just a few short weeks ago.

They better have a plan. They better be ready to hit the ground running. And most of all, they better win.

If they put the party and the country and President Biden through this and they lose, they will be blamed and they will deserve it.

July 18, 2024

Jacob Soboroff keeping it real on MSNBC

He's not sugar coating anything as he reports from the floor of the RNC. Shooting down the "unity" crap and showing the MASS DEPORTATIONS NOW signs that are being passed out to the crowd. He's the one who got yelled at by little Donnie, which I would consider a badge of honor.

July 18, 2024

Jaime Harrison just now to Rachel: If you want to the polls to go up, go out there

and tell people what Joe Biden is doing for America! Makes sense, doesn't it?

What are the chances Adam Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi are listening? He's the head of the DNC and usually very understated. He seems to sense that things are getting real.

July 18, 2024

A bullet couldn't stop trump. A virus just stopped Biden

Courtesy Van Jones on CNN. This guy is an all out MAGA and I am so sick of him. He was ridiculed after the "he became President tonight" stupidity.

But this just proves it wasn't a mistake and he knows exactly what he's doing.

July 18, 2024

If you're in need of comic relief, tune in to the RNC

Apparently Gaetz is speaking and he had an unfortunate "facelift" according to Ron Filipkowski. OMG.

July 18, 2024

Project 2025 lead author Tom Homan is tonight's keynote speaker at RNC

But they don't know nuthin. They never heard of Project 2025. Will the corporate media talk about this?

I found out about this on Tea Pain's twitter 7 minutes ago.

Might be more significant than JD's facial hair.

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