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Member since: Sat Mar 27, 2004, 12:24 AM
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You never really 'found' god

Nothing personal but if you are a christian then you must believe and accept everything written in the bible as fact. You cannot cherry pick the bible to your own personal satisfaction because you have nothing to discern what is true and what isn't in the bible. If you are of christian faith you must use that same faith to believe every speck of the bible. You can't make a claim that jesus is real but Noah's ark is a fable because you have no tools or evidence to differentiate fact from fiction. This is the problem with the superficiality of faith and christianity. People's beliefs are so incredibly shallow and not well thought out.
Let's try a little test:
There are 4 simple questions that no believer has ever answered - because they can't answer them:
1.Do you remember how you came to the conclusion that a magical god speaking the universe into existence was the most plausible explanation out of the infinite possible explanations?
2.What criteria did you use to discern that?
3.What other possible explanations did you explore, investigate and negate before determining that a magical god was the most reasonable answer?
4.What did you weigh the god explanation against and how did you compare the possibilities to arrive at a magical god?
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