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Member since: Fri Mar 19, 2004, 10:31 AM
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Ok my blood is boiling today!!!

I got a very unpleasant phone call today from my brother who was a former union rep. Now retired from his steel company sold off to Bain capital and voted for Trump. We have been at each otherís throats since his vote for trump. I post things to Facebook and I use both my maiden name and married name on it. My brother is retired and has enough money to live comfortable. Somewhere around 4,000.00ía month income not counting his bank accounts and stocks and such!

Today he asked me to not use my maiden name on Facebook as people ask him about my posts. He goes to Florida all winter his income allows him the pleasure to leave the snow! I went crazy and told him Iím not dropping my maiden name...as Iím proud of being democrat, my posts, and that my mother and father would be proud of me for defending what they taught and believed in. I wonder what his union brothers would think of him? He hates all my posts...and is embarrassed of me using his last name! I told him heíll no I wonít drop my maiden name or my core beliefs that he somehow forgot!
I canít help it that his friends are Republicans!

I lost my job, my husband lost his job and we both had to take lower paying jobs and my husband is still paying on a student loan in order to have his mediocre job for way less pay. We lost almost all of our 401k during the Bush years as we were unable to roll ours over as he did during that time. We are both 61 years old and struggle with arthritis because neither of us ever had easy jobs. He on the other hand sat in a crane all day with a good union job. My husband needs knee replacements in both knees and and is still in the weather all day on his feet but this time works for the state a union job just way less pay as heís only been at it 6 years. Iím mopping floors and cleaning government subsidized housing and the mop weighs more than me!

Hell no Im not going to drop my my maiden name because I embarass his trump supporting umbrella drinking buddies! I hate trump and everything the Republican Party stands for and my Dad taught me from a young age about my vote! Part of him lives on from me!!! My brother is a widower and he canít live long enough to spend all his money. Maybe he finds delight in watching us struggle. We have never been without work but once in our lives. I was out of work at age20 when I nearly lost my life do to Guillain Barre and collect SS disability for a year or two afterward. So Iíve never really been pain free! We have 5 1/2 more years to go before we can retire.

We have a nice home and much to be thankful for but sadly I canít have him at my table ever again! Thanksgiving will never be the same!! But asking me to drop my maiden name was truly the last straw! He can go to Flordia in December and stay there with his trumper friends live at his sons house where he fits in.... but for now he lives in Ohio just like me and heís going to have to deal with the thorn in his side which happens to be his baby sister who is 9 years younger than him and a whole lot smarter! He canít seem to figure out heís in the minority!

My parents are turning in ther graves! His last comment was heís surprised my husband puts up with this. All the money in the world canít replace morals. He sucks on all counts! Thanks for letting me vent! Canít take the Blue out of this Ohio girl! Swanson makes a good turkey dinner!
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