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Gender: Female
Hometown: Arizona
Home country: US
Current location: Baja Arizona
Member since: Fri Feb 27, 2004, 03:17 PM
Number of posts: 53,368

Journal Archives

I got a nice letter delivered to the post office . . . by Pony Express!

Over 30 years ago the nearby small town came up with an event to promote some local tourism. They call it Butterfield Days to commomorate the Butterfield Stage line that came through the area during its brief existence. One of the activities they do is a Pony Express mail run. (because doing a stagecoach is not really practical, there is rough terrain and about the only way they could swing it would be to go along the UP railroad tracks. horses that aren't used to trains might have a problem with that, and probably the RR wouldn't allow it anyway) A good part of the route goes through the ranch so while I don't do anything to participate, it IS part of the fall schedule around here.

Somewhere I have a cancelled envelope from the first year they did it, (I think my Mother had attended that year and bought an envelope to send to herself) and now this year I received one for myself as a really nice thank you surprise. I think my contribution amounted to telling them they could take a fence down to bypass a longer route to a usable gate, but nice of them to do this anyway.)

Here is a good article from last year - http://www.bensonnews-sun.com/news/article_14a42430-8a76-11e6-9c71-fbaf0fced2da.html

the envelope

the letter

there is still some good in the world

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