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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,032

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Where is this?

Do you know?


Chris Hayes should have asked if he could accompany

Burgess when he goes to "see for myself" what the conditions are at the border.

Actually, her whole panel was ragging on Trump

and the republicans, and finally, the said "Where are the Democrats? Why aren't there hearings (on this) yesterday!

I don't cut rethuglicans any slack, but she puts this whole mess right in trump's lap.

Some Guy?

That was Malcolm Gladwell!

J. Frank Wilson was born in my hometown

a few years before me.

As small a place as it was, I didn't know him.

hashtag: brushes with fame

Oh,thank you!

This is wonderful!

When I was a kid, I grabbed a snorkel from a nail on our back porch.

I jumped in the pool, took a deep breath through the snorkel and got a mouthful of June Bugs, which had taken up residence in the snorkel.


After seven years, I can function pretty well

and enjoy my life.

I miss him every day. He was an exceptional man and exceptional husband.

It's like the music has gone off.

But I really want to emphasize that I am happy and enjoy my life.

For a couple of years, that wasn't true at all.

So hang in there. It takes time.

Ah, thanks.

I missed the first incarnation.

Where are the pictures?

I expected pictures! (And a pony.)
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