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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,040

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Yes, he is.

A feast for my eyes.

I wish this idiot would spend some time on his water pipes instead ot

sending me emails about how great the Super Bowl was.

I think he speaks like

he's holding water in his mouth.

Like when the dentist asks you a question.


my experience.

And he thinks Jesus appointed him

to see that path for others?


I'm pretty sure God and/or Jesus can manage that path without Franklin Graham's help.

I can vote by mail because I'm older than 65.

I think it's a good idea because you never know when you're going to get the flu or have to go out of town to care for a sick relative or go to a funeral. Or battle floods or blizzards.

And - there's no way they can pull that crap about not enough ballots or voting machines for your precinct.

Your vote is already in the ballot box.

My motto is

If I wouldn't sit next to them on a bus, I won't let tv bring them into my living room.

I already do.

And if I'm listening to MSNBC in the car on Sirius radio, I immediately change stations.

For television, I start every show at least 15 minutes after it goes on the air so I can fast forward through trump and any commercials I have grown to hate.

Although, I do replay dog commercials for the entertainment of my pets and my current favorite commercial is for Discover in which a young lady throws her phone across the room after accidentally butt-dialing her ex. There is something so natural about the actress in that ad.

As for trump, I wish the stations could know how much I hate the sound of his voice - and what he says.

The animal shelter here needs

dog walkers.

Maybe your local schools would like you to come and let the little kids practice reading to you.

Is there a YMCA or other recreation center in your town?

I went to the Y to work out in their warm pool after I had been hospitalized.

I ended up staying after class to drink coffee and wound up with a number of friends and lots of acquaintances.

Even if I didn't have coffee with my friends there, it's good for me just to be out and among other people. And, there are people of all ages, from infants to the very elderly. Also people of all abilities and all races.

It's a great place to go for exercise and people-watching!

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