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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,032

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Scabies is/are lice.

Just so you don't think it's some rare disease.

It's a matter of hygiene.

I was about to go into the angiogram room

when there was a commotion concerning whether they needed to send me away or was the room next door opening up soon.

This was in a central Austin hospital and the patient was coming by ambulance from southwest Austin. (Good luck with that.)

The PA attending me said that as long as the patient got to the emergency room (which had already happened in SW Austin) there was a 95% chance he would make it.

He arrived as I was leaving, and he did make it.

The PA also told me that getting ambulances to hospitals was a main reason they had built an express lane on the nearby freeway.

My arteries, btw, were crystal clear!

My aortic valve still had to be replaced. What a miraculous surgery! Painless and quick recovery. Not even available a few decades ago.

Thank you inventors, doctors, nurses, taxpayers and - most of all - Democrats who insisted on passing Medicare!

Me, too.

I think I'm such a failure and then I realize it was just a dream.


October, 1984.

Too hard to ever do it again.

You gotta just do it, and then you're through!

I had no idea there were those options

for toilet seats.

Thanks for the education.

I'm an old lady, but

Michelle Wolf makes me laugh out loud!

I recently listened to an Audible book called

Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker. It was about Elizabeth Kekley and was all about her, including her relationship with the Lincolns.

It was historical fiction, but it sounds like it was pretty close to the true story.

I loved the book.


I found it.

Dang, it took me forever.

Wasn't there a church shooting in Antioch, TN

a while back?

You know the couple who is going to sell their life insurance

because their children are grown?

The woman just looks like pure evil to me.

She'd better take the proceeds and hide out because I guarantee her kids can't stand her!

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