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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,032

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I read this on Balloon Juice yesterday, and it really rang true.

When you lose a dog, you not only lose the animal that has been your friend, you also lose a connection to the person you have been.

I think it's that double whammy that is so devastating.

When you can think about it, you know there is a dog out there in a shelter who really, really needs you.

I completely agree with you.

I'm never disappointed when he substitutes for an evening anchor.

Good point.

It bears thinking about.

That's my favorite New Year's dish.

Although I just use the Zatarain's boxed version.

Hint, if you do, too. Don't add salt!

What's the matter with

their necks?

Jane Austin says . . .

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell ought to end - their careers.


As people say here.

We're out of power. 'twould be wrong to anoint one spokesman.

Just beautiful

Thank you so much.

Jason Kandor n/t

Thanks for this!

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