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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,041

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The OP could have been written by me

except my granddaughter isn't old enough to vote.

She is, however, an enthusiastic Bernie supporter.

All of Bernie's gestures in that clip

are inclusive.

It's beautiful.

I really hate the grammar mistake in that slogan.

Wish someone had edited it.

I had to stand for nearly two hours in Central Austin

to vote.

I would sit from time to time when a chair would materialize along the line, but I was very sore the next day.

I work out in the pool at the Y three times a week, but standing turned out to be surprisingly hard on me.

It was also hot and smelly. People had just gotten off work and hadn't had supper yet. There was even a crying baby.

I was ill with tooth problems the week of early voting, but my kids said they had to stand in line for over an hour even then.

And, yes, AP called the election before I had voted.

The whole thing was very discouraging.


You were my favorite!

I have.

Couldn't believe W was installed as President and sought out DU for company.

Watford looks like a terrific pick.

Handsome, young (49) with good credentials.


Oh, yeah!

I was so bummed about Bernie's probable loss in Michigan tonight that I went out to run errands.

When My son texted me that Bernie was ahead I raced home to watch.

Thanks to all of you who suggested I watch CNN instead of my usual MSNBC.

I am so glad

that didn't work.

Lying sees to work better in the republican party.

Thank you, to all of you

who made telephone calls to Michigan for Bernie.

You deserve a lot of credit.
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