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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,042

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From the third paragraph

What does this mean?

As expected, the scrambled GLYX-13 showed any antidepressant-like effects.


Yup, we sell one that toasts and image of

a Golden Retriever.


And good luck and a kiss on the nose to Seven.

He gives a lot of prominence to Niall Ferguson

Who is reasonable-sounding, but is a hard-right economic voice.

Wish he wouldn't.

And if you ask them to make you a fresh pot,

They nearly always will.

I rely on McDonald's coffee when I travel.

Edited to add (But I don't buy anything else there.)

Wouldn't bleach or orange oil

also kill those germs in a test tube?

Or did they somehow replicate the way it works in the body?

United (Senior's Choice) is doing that to me, too.

They've disallowed my thyroid meds (!) and two other important meds I take.

The thyroid meds are super cheap. What's their problem?

No, of course not.

Most people don't build their own houses. They buy one that was built by someone else.

I just don't think it's in the mindset of builders here to put in a basement.

With our heat, it would be a blessing.

When our house burned down 13 years ago and we were planning to replace it, I asked the builder about a storm room. He literally laughed in my face, saying the odds were that I wouldn't need it.

I remember reading that one of the only residents in the path of the Jarrell F5 tornado who survived had dug a shelter underneath his mobile home.

That Jarrell tornado plowed right on through to

Cedar Park, a suburb of Austin.

If you can build an inground swimming pool in Austin - and they are everywhere - you should be able to dig a basement.

I think builders mostly don't want to build basements.

That's what I've always been told, but

Austin is choc-a-bloc with inground swimming pools.

If you can build a pool, why not a small basement?
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