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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,040

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That was gripping production.

Ken Burns can really tell a story.

I wonder how many people I know lived through that.

I'm sorry you weren't in Austin

when this tuna attack occurred.

Thundercloud Subs tuna on whole wheat with provolone is incredible.

I get an attack for these every now and then and can't be dissuaded.

Oh, please tell me exactly how!

I'm the one who posted about it above.


Chocolate tapioca mix by Jello.

My very favorite sweet. I think they discontinued it in the seventies. I've tried to duplicate it, but can't.

Also, Ludens extra-strong wild cherry cough drops - regular or sugar free.

Very, very refreshing.

Occupy Sandy

has "Wedding" registries on Amazon.

Just type in "Occupy Sandy" in the search field.

You can send work gloves, bleach, all kinds of things that they have selected, and Amazon ships it to Brooklyn.

I went through Sam Seder's <Majority.fm> site, to get to Amazon so his show gets a percentage of what Amazon makes.

We voluntarily switched from Blue Cross to United

and are getting better coverage for the sme money.


Glad he's gone.

If he brings it up, why not say, "Hey, Dad"

It'll be all right. This is America. We can do anything!"

I so agree.

I have done a lot of investing in my life as well as managing my own company.

You have to do a lot of due diligence in investing well, and Mitt very obviously doesn't care about consistent details, or researching financial histories.

He was the front man. The guy with the rich friends and connections. He said whatever was needed to to get investors.

I'm guessing the point-men in Bain were pretty good (and ruthless) at what they did, while Mitt rounded up the investors with glib talk.

Same goes for the Winter Olympics. He talked the feds out of some big bucks while others managed things.

This country really dodged a bullet this election.


What an improvement!
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