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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,035

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Mr. Jane Austin died last fall, so that's one less vote for our side.

My friend in Florida

Was just polled by them with same questions.

Myy friend, visitung her mother in Ohio

Stood in the rain for 3 hours to get a ticket for that.

Lock him up! n/t

Is it "Sing Sing Sing" by

Louie Prima?

I wonder if he has the flu

or something.

He was red, then pale and sweating, too.

Yes. Joy of the Grio

said it was gross. (Paraphrasing)

I do see him gulping

from time to time, though.

You must have HDTV.

I can't see that on my little office teevee.

Neither is that Klingon son

Sitting next to her.
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