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Jane Austin

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Member since: Thu Feb 26, 2004, 12:59 AM
Number of posts: 9,041

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You don't even know me.

But I do know people who love their dogs who have had a fatal accident.

You can't predict every eventuality.

Mine, too.

It's their little space.

It's nice to have crates available, too, when persnickety company comes over.

It's for the dog's safety, too.

The are electrical cords, unexpected visitors, roach poison you forgot about, cigarettes, foods they shouldn't have.

It is much safer for the dog to be crated. They sleep most of the time and are thrilled when you get home.

Our PBS station is carrying a special by her tonight

called Aging Backwards. It's fundraising time, so there are all kinds of random things on this week.

I always feel so much better when I follow along with one of her shows.
TiVo it for a more civilized time of day.

Don't forget the Nextdoor app.

You can find helpers there, and if not, you can ask.

Next-door is a wonderful resource.


Unfortunately, you can't get quinine pills in the US any more.

My mother had some and they worked instantly. My doc said some people had a bad reaction to them.

OK, so how come we can still buy tonic water (quinine water) with no warning on it?

My doc says bananas and over the counter potassium

don't contain enough potassium, so I have to take prescription potassium.

That and calcium and lots of fluids really does defeat those excruciating leg cramps.

I like his books.

Don't know about his connections at the Justice Deparment.

You need to get some calcium in you and quickly.

If you have some Tums, you can chew them up and it should help. You may need to chew several.

I get these cramps when I am dehydrated, partly owing to the diuretic I have to take. It takes the calcium and potassium right out of me.

Cramps ensue. Excruciating cramps

Stay hydrated, and if you are taking a diuretic, be sure to replenish your calcium and potassium.

Do the same if you are getting more exercise than usual.

Good luck.

Not sure that was a turnout issue.

I think Wisconsin blocked tens of thousands of voters.

Not sure where to look that up.
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