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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 07:21 AM
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Sorry for yet another post, but did I read that Tara Reade accused others of assault?

I thought I had read it and cannot find any info.

I did read that she stole from an animal non-profit, but I was under the impression she has made other false allegations.

Thank you.

I'm trying to think clearly, and am acutely aware that this dilemma is insignificant these days,

but our daughter was supposed to be married on June 13 in Virginia. They have been planning this since last June.

The governor has targeted a June 10 as the “back to work/normal” day of sorts, though that can and might change.

I honestly think it’s cutting it too close to continue to plan for a wedding and reception on June 13. I think most people, rightly so, will decline to travel to a wedding and there is no way of knowing what we will still be dealing with in terms of safely and the continued need for social distancing. Plus, the invitations would have to go out soon and if the wedding has to be called off, that’ll get tricky.

They will still be married on June 13 by either the pastor or SOMEONE, but the reception is the sticking point.


"Trump Time" - I could cry.

At the presser, the Peter Navarro has said things are being done in "Trump Time" - which evidently means "as fast as possible." He is Don the Con's latest, bestest fluffer.
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