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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 22,759

Journal Archives

Sudden thoughts on a Sunday...

I am going to get right to the point. I believe there was a plot in the works to capture and kill the Democratic leadership and as many ancillary democratic personnel as possible, as well as at the very least kidnap the vice president and take him away somewhere just as in the movie Seven Days in May when the president’s envoy was placed in a room and held prisoner at the secret base.

If anyone thinks that murder is beyond the scope of these people, these people who allowed 1 million people to die unnecessarily from COVID-19 because they would not admit to the seriousness of the disease in a timely fashion all the while knowing full well that it was deadly in many cases, then you are mightily mistaken. There is no crime, no genocide, no nothing that is beneath these peoples’ abilities to conceive and to consider putting into action.

The deleted texts showed a far greater crime than the deletion of government records. If someone is a drunk driver and they strike and kill someone their best bet is to leave the scene of the accident, sober up, and then turn themselves in. Yes, they’re going to face severe sanctions for leaving the scene of the crime but nothing compared to what an intoxicated driver would receive in the same circumstances. These people know exactly what they’re doing and make no mistake, they have plans to do that and worse should they regain power which is a distinct possibility.

Jim's Steaks in Philly is burned out...

This is a BFD. Jim’s is or was arguably the best of the large vendors in terms of cheesesteak quality and taste as well as serving size.

I’m sure a few of the Philly people here will differ with my opinion, but as we say here: “What do youse guys dink youse knows about dis?”

I had the worst fucking dream last night...

Now normally I wouldn’t post stuff like this, certainly not in this forum, but it is in the an example of how this stuff gets into your head.

In the dream, which for me was unusually clear, I was actually part of Donald Trump‘s coterie. I was in the White House, I was in Bedminster, I was in New York in cars with him and other family members and of course the way dreams work there’s an instantaneous shift from one context to another. Now the entire time I have my sensibilities and I’m screaming at myself that I need to get away from this and get out of here because this is pure insanity, and it was uncanny because it was actually in color and vivid. I remember having dialogs with him and others and he bordered on the irrational even for a dream and yet I could not get away. I awakened scared to death and thanked God to see the projected clock on my ceiling was just a few minutes before I had to get up and out of bed.

I was thinking as I was taking a shower that he has become an inescapable part of our lives and our psyches which is really really frightening. In the film Silence of the Lambs one of the most poignant lines was when the FBI agent tells Clarice not to let Lecter get into her head. Well, this guy has certainly gotten into mine and my emotional health is none the better for it.

I had posted the other day that I felt the reason that Biden’s low poll numbers were accentuated was because Trump is still in the news in an omnipresent fashion and has eclipsed everything and everyone else in the country. It is really really frightening and I will be honest with you and tell you that I rarely have dreams with recognizable characters including family and friends. This particular dream for me personally was so horrifying because it was anomalous in so many ways, and in a crazy way is worrisome both philosophically and psychologically.

Well, there you have it my therapy session for the day is in concluded. To whom do I make out the check?

I toldja this 1/6 Investigation was carefully choreographed...

Yeah…. I posted this:

a bit ago but certainly hadn’t forgotten how brilliantly prescient I am. In case you’re wondering, my best feature is my modesty and will continue to be so in perpetuity. Donations to my favorite charity, me, are welcome….

In all seriousness, news last night made my month, possibly my year, but it’s early yet and hopefully things will get better…😁👍

Sudden thoughts on a Saturday morning...

What is beginning to really get to me during all this exposure of the fiendish nature of Trump is the pearl-clutching shock of on-air personalities that Trump would be actually capable of attempting to mastermind a coup against the United States of America rather than being a passive observer. I cannot fathom, having watched him for his entire career, that any sentient person would be surprised or shocked by anything that he did or tried to do.

People who work in psychiatric hospitals are aware that their patients are capable of any behavior which they can think of and not even think of. I knew someone who was walking through a room and one of the sweet grandma types smiled at her and when she walked past the grandma picked up her folding chair and smashed her in the back so hard that she has never recovered orthopedically or neurologically. There is absolutely no treachery which cannot be acted on by people like this. What this country did was elevate its most insane public personality to the level of its most powerful and influential office.

In the 1960s there was a film in titled King of Hearts, a French film, in which these people escape the asylum and take over this town. It was extremely amusing and typically French in both style and comedy. Charming in its own way. However, this is not OK in the real world. The lunatics are not supposed to be running the asylum and the results are catastrophic in most cases. The fact is is that when so-called sane people are running the world it doesn’t really turn out all that well so look what would happen and what has happened when you turned the helm of the ship over to a malignant narcissist who has spent an entire lifetime manipulating people and lying through his teeth. As I’ve posted before, when I was a kid my father told me never to be shocked by anything because he would say there were people who fuck chickens. Well, this guy metaphorically has been fucking chickens and we have paid the price for it societally and politically. I do not believe that we can possibly have a unifying force in this country ever again and the genie is out of the bottle permanently. The fascists now have a mechanism of denial which constitutes simple rejection and flat out lying of objective reality which apparently is now “acceptable”. It has been facilitated by bothsiderists like Chuck Todd and many others who would posit that you could say the 2+2 is four but it is equally acceptable to say the 2+2 is five because it’s “the other side” which merits an opportunity to speak. In response I would say this to them: suppose for the sake of argument, you check your bank account and your monthly paycheck had not been deposited. So of course you’d call payroll and they would say that we deposited in your account and you said no it’s not there they said well we believe that it is there and since we have not as much of a right to believe this as you believe the opposite in the matter is settled. That probably would not play very well with these folks…

I am concerned that the supernova and subsequent implosion of this country will result in a dwarf star which will just be a fascistic consumerist nodule in the pantheon of nations many, if not most of which, operate on a plane of reality.

I have one more point to make: I am of the opinion that there was a delineated master plan to capture and kill certain members of Congress and possibly the vice president. I believe that this is what the cover-up is all about, that there would be charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder which would be far-ranging . I do not believe the gallows came from nowhere, this is one of those situations which is so awful that nobody can bring themselves to verbalize it beyond a throwaway sentence or two, but I think that Pelosi, Schumer, any member of the impeachment committees who voted for conviction or who counseled impeachment and removal were targets for death. To assume that this is not true is the underestimate individuals with whom we have been dealing. They are literally capable of anything as we know from the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of unnecessarily dead people from the COVID-19 outbreak. By acting as they did during the initial stages of the pandemic, they condemned untold numbers to die and to this day have not regretted a moment of it. If this is the case, then why would they care about 10 or 12 or 15 or 50 members of the house and senate who have been standing in their way for months and years now. They would not under any circumstances hesitate for a moment and in my opinion that was part of the master plan. This is what they are truly afraid of us finding out. It is also one of the reasons why the SS destroyed the texts. This is not a fantastical conspiracy theory, this is something for which we have absolute evidence. There were insurgence and terrorists test with the mission of finding certain individuals and bringing them “to justice”.

Sidebar note: dictating political discourse on an iPhone can be rather amusing. The words “fascist” and “fascistic” come out very strangely, my favorite so far is “fat cystic”.

Ari Melber and his rap quotes remind me of this:

I had an epiphany this morning:

(The last definition of the word -remember, I’m Jewish…?

I was in Home Depot (yes,yes….I’m aware…) observing people routinely shoplifting in the self-checkout line, and I have come to realize that the singular reason that so many could not care less about TFG’s crimes is that they are latent/amateur/petty criminals themselves. As I was in line, I saw no fewer than four people undercount the number of pieces of lumber they had in their wagon, undercount cans of paint they had purchased from the paint department, at which each gallon is titrated with a custom color some of which costing nearly $50, not scanning boxes containing tools or garden supplies placed under the cart supposedly conveniently forgetting that they were there, and not scanning all the boxes of nails which they picked from the shelves at approximately nine dollars a box if memory serves me correctly.

These people would secretly love Trump because he’s getting away with crimes that they could only dream of. While they are successfully purloining items from a big box store, he robbed the US treasury blind and corrupted nearly every branch of an entire federal government in four short years. I remember years ago someone told me in a grocery store that one of the biggest line items they had was loss from theft. I was in a grocery store about a year ago when a woman was caught having placed a label from fake crab meat onto a whole lobster package. The cashier apparently glanced up at the screen and saw that rather than a $40 item it was posted at three dollars. My cashier told me that this happens all the time and worse. Being honest with you, a number of years ago I had picked out costing about $18, some smoked salmon packaged in one of those flat packages and it rotated up against the wire mesh of the cart and I hadn’t seen it to put on the conveyor. As I was packing up my goods I saw that it had not been rung up and brought it to the cashiers attention. She told me she had seen it and was wondering if I was one of those people which apparently I am not.

Perhaps someone here has a statistic of the percentage of people who have committed or are willing to admit that they committed a felonious crime and gotten away with it due to the inattention or uncaring of authority figures. The phrase that “everybody cheats on their taxes” is interesting in as much as if that is vaguely true, it would explain a lot about how this ex-president is regarded by great mass of people to feel the crime is justified if it could be gotten away with.

So Bannon has pretty awful teeth and one lower front tooth that

He had crowned, shade A1. His shade should be C4 but what can you do….?

Just for the record….😁

Suppose someone robs a bank, a federal crime,

And then declares he’s gonna run for President. Does that work?

Well, probably not. But instead, he sends an armed mob to the Capitol. I guess that does work?

Asking for a friend…


So the committee to investigate the slaughter of these children couldn’t take the time to take more questions.

And was that a rosary that one fellow was holding?

Tots and pears….
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