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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 17,326

Journal Archives

I just saw the greatest thing....

I was at the AOL main page (don’t ask) and a pop up appeared:

Poll of President Trumps job approval. Three choices:




What is there left to say? Dear Fuhrer has spoken!!


Wtf? She’s a gorgeous woman who under circumstances (see what I did there?) other than dealing with this Fatfuk, is probably a terrific bed partner beyond my comprehension I’m sure.

Only this orange asshole could belittle someone of that stature and experience.

I had an epiphany...

Now I know that some of you will take exception to this tactic, but to paraphrase the words of the Orange-u-tang, "It doesn't matter...we won", this is what WE should be saying...

What should have happened with Kavanaugh-the-Virgin, is that Dr. Ford's husband, brothers (if any), male cousins (if any) should have shown up to the hearing when Check-out-the-big-brain-on-Brett was testifying and said, "You slimy sonofabitch, you tried to rape my wife/sister/cousin." Right to his ugly face, with a lot of finger pointing and verbal anger.

See, here in Philly, you take someone's sister from South of Washington Avenue out and try that shit, likely as not there is gonna be a problem the next time you walk to your car to go to work.

It is one thing to show up in front of a bunch of passive-aggressive sociopaths like the Rethuglican Senators, it's another thing to try to lie to the male relatives of the aggrieved woman. Yes I know...threat of violence...male domination...I get it. Buit it would have made great TeeVee. Like some reality show from a different version of Jersey Shore.

Just a thought....

It's not "junk science" you asshole: it's a "junk presidency

Lying bunch of sewer-dwelling creeps.


I watched the piece on msnbc this morning wherein the reporter approached maybe twenty college kids in California sitting on a wall. He asked “who’s going to vote?” One guy finally said he would. All the others just stared ahead blankly, uncaring.

When I was in college the polls were filled with students on Election Day. I’m sick about this.

I'm waiting for some Florida Rethug politician

To say that the primary danger in the storm’s aftermath is the mobs of Democrats threatening the American Way of life. Nothing can surprise me.

I see msnbc went to Governor Appalachian Trail

For expert opinion.

He knows all about “stunning women”.


Fucking Kornacki is foaming at the mouth

Denigrating Democrats’ chances. Big smile on his face. Wotta schmuck

That is all.

I'm not a superstitious guy but I do believe in irony

This saga is just beginning. When the chasm opens underneath they’ll wish they’d never aspired to their level of incompetence/criminality.

Trust me, it will happen

In re: those Rethuglican Senators:

It’s hard to believe that those old pieces of shit....

were once young pieces of shit.

Right now I have nothing else to say as I watch our country descend into the pit of fascist lies and grotesqueries.
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