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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
February 26, 2014

Hey Cokie, you elitist, snotty, lucky-sperm-club-member:

Just WHY do you THINK that President Barack Obama is "NOT WELCOME IN SOUTHERN STATES"?

Sitting there on Mourning Jerk with that plastic-surgerized stupid smirk on her face disparaging "DehhmoCRATS" in that trained voice, with her trademark impatience. Her mother and father would be spinning about now...

I can't stand her. (Did you notice?)

February 25, 2014

Funny! Thomas Roberts began Way Too Early this morning by saying:

(and I'm only slightly paraphrasing) Welcome to Way Too Early in the morning, where we don't discriminate against any viewers, but I like the gay ones better.

Straight face...riotous! This was following the opening tease about the Arizona Law.

February 23, 2014

When I was in the hospital

a couple of years ago, I had this horrifyingly strange and incompetent physician assigned to my case because I was an ER admission. Without going into details, I can say that it was the worst interaction I have ever had with any medical professional in my life and it was just so bad that I could not put it into words...I was almost sputtering with distaste and revulsion and upset.

So I decided to look this guy up online and there was just one review on a medical blog. It was just so perfect in its simplicity that it is forever etched into my brain:

"He doesn't care about my case and I think he's out of his mind."

I believe that the same occurrence has happened in reference to Christie when the lady said for the record: "He's full of it."

That sums it up in toto.

February 16, 2014

A bus blew up in the Sinai on the Egyptian side of the border carrying South Koreans to Israel...


Casualties reported. Israel sent ambulances to the border crossing by according to the report, no injuries have been sent across the border for treatment so far...

More at CNN.com: 4 dead 14 injured.....
February 16, 2014

Angela Corey AGAIN????

Remember her at the end of the Trayvon case?

Saturday night with Angela Corey smiling?

Boris Karloff reincarnate.

February 14, 2014

Blues Brothers-type accident on the PA Turnpike...

50+ cars and a frigging nightmare...


February 9, 2014

I am rarely flabbergasted...

So I am without a phone, TV or Internet except for my iphone, because my Verizon Fios transformer blew after the power outage last week. However, there is a 12v jack on the side of the box for auxiliary power. I had jury rigged a 12v transformer with an almost appropriate jack and plugged it in, but it was a little too small and wasn't making good contact with the conductors. So at 7:45 I went out to Radio Shack to purchase a variable transformer which has assorted jacks which you can buy to fit into the universal cord. The guy asked me what size I needed and told him,. this one. He asked if I were sure. I said, not certain but I will tell you what: I will buy one of each of the very small. He said he wouldn't sell me two adapters. I asked him why not, that 500 of his stores were going to be closing soon and couldn't they use every sale they could get? He said that in good conscience, if everyone bought two, then there would not be enough left to supply all of the ttransformers. I then said, OK, I will buy the one I think it is, take
it home and measure it without taking it out of the package. If it works great, if not, I can exchange it, right? He said that again he would not sell this to me because I was not certain which I needed. I reiterated that I would be happy to either buy both or exchange it within 15 minutes, no harm done. He REFUSED to sell me the product under any circumstances. HE was the only guy in the store, so there was no appeal play. Now I have no TeeVee until Monday, no real Internet, and no phone. In another life, before I was on Beta Blockers I think I would have gone berserk in the store. At this point, I just accepted the fact that I am a complete loser and left empty-handed. I know: I could have bought a digital antenna but I didn't care at that point,. I only wanted to get out before I did something really stupid.

As they used to say in Peanuts, "AAAUUGGGGHHHH!"

February 5, 2014

We are caught with our proverbial pants down in this ice storm in Montgomery County, PA...

Now please allow me to preface this by saying that the vast majority of those involved have places to go, have relatives, friends, churches and synagogues opened their doors and invited those without power to spend the night or charge their phones, computers, or whatever. We are definitely NOT going to have an apocalypse of any type here anytime soon and the power should be back for virtually everyone within three days.

However, it is worth noting that there have been some real catastrophes: an ER doc was helping a neighbor remove a tree limb from his driveway and another branch fell and the doc was taken to the hospital in very critical condition. There are downed sparking power lines all over the place and believe it or not, the valley in which I live has very very poor cellular service BECAUSE building a cellular tower nearby has been voted down time and again. So the people with their power lines cavorting in their driveways can't leave their homes since 13000 volts is easily conducted through the standing water around the houses and they can't report the disaster because there's no phone service. Conundrum,eh? anyone else want to "preserve the environment" BY NOT BUILDING A FRIGGING CELL TOWER???!!!!! We have been warning about EXACTLY this issue for YEARS here: the roads are tree-lined and any storm, but especially a storm such as this one, knocks branches down and we lose power routinely. If the phone lines go down we can't call anyone and tell them that we have no power. When we tell vendors that we have no cell service, they talk to us like we're stupid or something. "How can that be?"

Anyway, there are almost 600000 homes without power and even when it comes back on for many, it goes off again due to more falling branches or shorting transformers.

Well, life sure ain't dull....

February 4, 2014

I knew there was something Christie said which was bothering me and I couldn't quite figure it out:

Remember when he made that snarky statement a while ago and he sarcastically said something to the effect that he moved the cones himself? He was trying to be funny...

Ha. Ha. Ha.

But think about it: you could make the case that he had discussed this beforehand and perhaps he asked, "How do you shut down lanes?" And someone responded, "It's easy. You just move cones into the highway and force a merge of three lanes down into one. You can just do it with the cones and some flashing yellow lights." He was well aware of how it was done. Perhaps he knew a priori.

Yes I know this is fictionalized...but if the RW can make shit up about the President, I can make shit up about this guy. And this, as opposed to the President being Kenyan, is plausible.

February 2, 2014

Great news from Philly!

The NY Jets and the Tampa Bay Bucs are interested in Michael Vick. Good. Now get the f--k out of town.

I'm being polite. Normally I'm not so reasonable when it comes to this sociopath.

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