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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 17,319

Journal Archives

Yeah Brett, who in her right mind would want to fuck you?

He has a point. Gotta give him that...

He's a real TOUGH GUY...yeah...TOUGH...

I bet when he was slipping the Mickey Finn to these women in their drinks, he was laughing up a storm, and when he was pulling his tiny dicklet out to "bare-prick" the women in their faces he was one of those giggling sniveling aggressive bastards. We all know the kind...real smarmy and TOUGH in numbers.

But get them alone in the Principal's office and they just sit there with that sad-dog expression on their faces and crying for Mommy, their glass of milk, and their Toll House cookies. "I didn't do anything. I'm an emotional, nice guy. I'm crying because of how upset I am. Can't you see?"

Slimy rich kid motherfuckers...I went to private school, a hippie private school, with some of these privileged kids. Some were fine...others were clinically insane. One raped a female teacher and got away with it. I have a thousand stories which I cannot tell here but would make you cringe. I was the scholarship kid that everyone laughed at as their parents came at the end of the year to pick them up in their Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Corvettes or Jaguar XKE's.

Someday I will tell you all my history and the history of my school which has made it into the press to some fair extent, but no one has published the true accounts of the nights at this school. And we were relatively benign compared with some of the fancy schools: Hun, Lawrenceville, George School, Pennington, and the like. I will do it after this bastard is out of the White House and things become sane again, if ever.

It's like having an abusive parent:

From one moment to the next you don’t know who is going to be the recipient of the irrational wrath and insane decision-making process. We are going to be a country in PTSD after this is over, if it ever is over.

The answer to any question as to why or why not is:

60 Minutes.

Followed by: you do thus and so and my lawyer and I are going to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday with documentation.

I have a sincere question for the DU Community..

I ask this question in all seriousness having spent more than fourteen years here:

What crime or activity would be necessary for a Republican office-holder, candidate, or operative to be excommunicated WITH IGNOMINY by his own Party and forced to resign or withdraw from contention?

In the vernacular: "She's gonna fuck them up bad"

For her this may be the moment of her freedom from the actions of this despicable, loathsome prick.

She will handle their manipulative snotty questions with ease and IMO she will be ready with a line which is similar in effect to Joseph Welch's line at the Army-McCarthy hearings, "Have you no decency....". It will be the takeaway for the decade...

The Rethugs deserve a verbal napalming for all of this...please let it be so.

(I had a moment in my life wherein I wreaked revenge and havoc on a horrible, hulking bully from grade school. When I was engaged many years ago, I drove up to my old stomping grounds and was waiting in line at a now-closed Dairy Bar and Restaurant called Goodnoe's. Those from the northeastern suburbs of Philly will recognize the name. Anyway, while waiting in line, this big guy comes up to us and asks, "Is your name ------------?" I replied "yes' and he introduced himself.

I turned to my fiancee and said almost exactly the following: You see this guy standing in front of you? He made my life nearly impossible for three years, from grades two to five, shoving me around, punching me, shooting paper clips from rubber bands, and face-washing me in the snow which once broke my glasses. But what I really remember him for is that my mother bought me a pair of loafers with tassels on them and he called me a "faggot" for a year, even though I had no idea what that was, and told everyone that I was that.

The look on his face was one of stunned disbelief, and I said, "Geoffrey, take all six foot four of yourself and get the fuck away from me and don't ever get near me again. Did you think I'd forget what you did to me all those years? Oh, and one more thing, you're just as ugly as I remember you in every way."

(As an aside, please allow me to say that I never told anyone of his bullying due to the shame I thought it would bring me as well as retribution if he were ever to be punished for it. This included my Mom, since she'd have gone absolutely bullshit on the administration of the school and the teachers - she was one no-nonsense lady. So I know full well why someone chooses not to go to the authorities when damaged.)

This week I hope she (metaphorically of course) cuts his nuts off.

Drop back to when Bush and Cheney ruled the day...

imagine if someone proffered a movie script wherein the electoral system gave the country a President of the United States who is a career liar, deadbeat, philanderer, and multiply-bankrupt faux-billionaire. Add to this the fact that he is in bed with the Russian elite up to his neck, awash in debt and being blackmailed with the threat of release of a horrifying video of his actions which may or may not include underage individuals who may or may not survive the shooting of the video.

Now all of this is known to be true or semi-true by the populace as a whole which may or may not infer that there are even more serious issues involved.

Couple this with the supposition that this individual is a willfully ignorant, uneducated, illiterate malignant narcissist who possesses no loyalty, even criminal loyalty to those surrounding him, including his chief counsel/fixer.

So the author of this script shows up at Columbia or Touchstone or wherever and pitches this. He or she would be laughed out of the room OR the script would be converted into an Eddie Murphy-like comedy. Not in a million years would this be a possibility. Not even in the fantasy-land of film.

It is truly the Decline and Fall of the American Empire, starring Caligula and his family.

President Obama's motorcade just went past my window!

Very exciting here in Philly.

I hate Maryland Rapists.

As John Belushi might say....

This is fucking unbelievable. They nominated a rapist to the Supreme Court so he could vote in one case.

That’s all the Orange-u-tang wants or needs, besides hair spray

I think she's gonna testify

They’re making the Rethugs sweat - there’s more to this story than they’re letting on publicly. I also think they set the Rethugs up for catastrophe, this may be a “fake left, cut right” maneuver.

Meanwhile Tweety has Megan Kelly on, a victim herself, with her best FOXian take.
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