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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
September 9, 2012

There is just ONE thing REALLY pissing me off terribly

And that is that in my district, Lower Merion, Montgomery County, PA and extending north and west, the Rethug Gerlach, a cipher, is running Essentially unopposed...a guy who's a vet and a doc is running against him again and there's no frigging campaign. Gerlach is leading 54 to 30 in a district which could easily go Dem as it has before. WHAT THE FUCK???? They're not even trying here...


September 8, 2012

The Zenith of Hypocrisy:

Those slimy bastards saw to it that W. was installed as pResident of these United States, and woe betide anyone who should say a single word of criticism of him,of his minions, or of his policies. "Traitorous!" was the word applied to anyone after 9/11 who had the temerity to criticize anything regarding the Executive Branch, "watch it....you could wind up in Guantanamo if you're not careful!" went the reply to any questioning of our "noble purpose". W. was being compared to Churchill, Cheney to MacArthur and Patton. Theses were glorious times...

So who'd a believed that not only were these once great leaders not invited to the Convention of their ilk, their spawn, but their names CANNOT be mentioned in any way, shape, or form, lest the Republicans get all whiny on our asses. "How DARE you mention Bush???" ask the RWers...he has nothing to do with anything. Remember that he deliberately removed himself from politics...he HATES politics. Dontcha know?

So now, we can't even mention his name: that not only do they lie about anything and everything, but did you know that when you count in the forties, you go: forty, forty-one, forty-two, forty-four....? He never existed...But you know what? Almost no one in the MSM will point this out at length: that the hero-with-the-codpiece has been reduced to a cipher. Really, after we almost tore this country apart in order to have him ascend to the throne; that the Supreme Court reduced its worth by eighty percent with just one decision which, by it's own decree was unlike any other decision it ever made inasmuch as it violated every principle of Law known to man; that he began two hopeless and hapless wars which destroyed literally millions of lives including many thousands of Americans FOR NOTHING and based solely on deliberate lies; the presiding over the degradation of American political thought and altruism past the tipping point. All this and more, for this guy...and they didn't even mention him at their big Party in Tampa. Except for his brother, of course, who was biting his own tongue throughout his 'tribute' to his big brother. Disingenuous is the word which comes to mind when watching that ode to incompetence.

But of course, the joke was all on us. We shall be paying these debts of money, of pain, of loss of stature, of disgrace, for generations to come. The Bushes, the Cheeeneys, the Perle's, the Feiths, and all of the minions who created this night,are in which we are still living are just fine and always will be. That's one thing you can count on now, and forever.

September 6, 2012

BREAKING: Romney pulls out of Mrs. Romney.

Haven't seen hide nor hair of her since Michelle's speech. I believe she was upstaged a bit and is laying low.

What...what's so funny? I don't get it...

September 5, 2012

The Rethugs "concerns" are duly noted:

Oh Noes!!! Clinton might go rogue! They might not fill the venue! The Democrats are menitoning the military too much! Obama might blow Socialist-Kenyan snot all over his tie during his speech!

Woe betide us?? Lord 'Elpus!

September 5, 2012

Mourning Joe/No/Scum/Douchebag/take-your-pick is good for SOMETHING...

It gets my adrenaline rushing first thing...

This A.M.:

1. Mark Halperin has now officially entered my pantheon of utter and complete smirking assholes. Other members include Joe Watson, who hails from Philly. I seear to God if I ever see him in the street, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind, that simpering, slimy windbag. (Did I mention that I'm not too fond of him?)

2. Harold Ford...how DARE he call himself a Democrat...anyone else hear his Rx for Obama's second term, "should he win"? Nauseating...one thing the Rethugs have going for them: if any of THEIR folk spewed heresy like that he or she would be politically drawn and quartered within fifteen minutes of doing so. Not us...noooooo...he gets to be the toden "Dem" on panels. That would have been like making George Wallace the token Civil Rights representative on a Commission.

3. Scarborough's dark, drawn, downcast, depressed face thru this whole process which involves Democrats. Makes me sick.

September 3, 2012

Hell yes, I'm better off than I was four years ago!

At that time, my patient load was off thirty percent, my gross income to the dental practice was down forty percent, my net was negative and I'm only now,climbing out of the mess which drove me to near-bankruptcy. I practice in a large urban medical/dental building which used to have a total of 140 different doctors. We are now down to about sixty and several are in the process of divesting themselves of their offices and practices, because they got in way too far over Their collective heads. The President has, with virtually ZERO assistance from the Congress, presided over a significant recovery as far as I'm concerned. FYI, one of the leading indicators of economic upturn or downturn in an index of gross income of urban and suburban general dental practices. Trust me, it is significant: I've been able to predict the last six events unerringly WAY before the idiots on CNN or worse, CNBC.

While watching the announcement of Palin that summer, I was facing a catastrophe, and thought ruefully to myself that she might be the VP presiding over my professional AND personal downfall. How ironic, right? This know-nothing grifter from Wasilla ascends to great heights while the rest of us are destroyed. Well, it was not to be, and it will only take me another year and a half to fully extricate myself from the mess.

I don't need to be reminded of Bush,Jr. for one instant: every huge automatic payment which clears my account to pay off past debts is reminder enough.

September 2, 2012

Paul Ryan: I can burrow through an elephant. And what's more,

I wrote all of Shakespeare's Plays and my wife and I wrote the Sonnets.

(with apologies to Monty Python.)

September 2, 2012

Speaking of film stars, to paraphrase Tom Hanks' character in A League of Their Own:

"There's no lying in athletics."

So there, "Lyin' Ryan"...

Caught by Runners World, eh? Almost as bad as being busted by TV Guide...or in your case, MAD Magazine.

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