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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,472

Journal Archives

...and now for something completely different:

So I had this dental patient in the chair today and her chief complaint, as it were, was that her teeth had become badly stained under her Invisalign Orthodontic Retainers. I shone my dental lamp on them and in fact they had turned a rather light shade of Burnt Sienna, and so, since I couldn't resist I said, "You're right: you do have a significant problem here which may last up to eight years, require much time, energy, and money to fix, and perhaps could cause irreparable harm. You have Trump's Disease, the orange color of the teeth being pathognomonic for same."

She looked at me in disbelief - that I actually came up with it on the spot - and we both burst out laughing.

You had to be there...

In 1980 I said that Reagan had early Alzheimer's

and everybody got on my case. Actually not quite everybody: those who had family members with it agreed with me. I am stating for the record that this guy has it as well. I've treated over forty thousand patients in my life and of those about three thousand i have treated long-term from age 50 on for up to thirty-eight years. I know what I see and I know what I hear and this is without question in my mind to a degree of medical certainty a case of dementia superimposed upon, among other diagnoses, malignant narcissism coupled with a few other conditions on other axes.


"Daddy, is that like a Shopping Center???"

I have said from the beginning that these creeps have taken a page from Mein Kampf. Actually, the whole book. Bunch of fucking Nazified sons-of-bitches, the only difference is that the Germans were much smarter and cleverer than this group of morans (sic).


Just sayin'...

Center City Philly utterly clogged by protests

Streets at a standstill. Gridlock everywhere. Pro-Trump protests and counter-protests around City Hall and spreading. Caught everyone by surprise.

Think Drumpf is "Tired of winning" yet?

Malignant narcissist.

You must take a look at Joey Scar's hair today.

It must have taken the whole week he took off to do it.

Virtually all Trump voters and/or acolytes

possess three or more of the following qualities:

Lacks the gene for altruism
Abused as a child and/or an adult
Abuser of above
Beneficiary of inherited wealth
DSM V Classifiable mental disorder
Willing and/or active participant in sexual situations generally considered taboo or perverse by the general population
Invariably and without question votes Republican.

Enormous East Coast Verizon Fios outage

Talk of hacking or sabotage on chat boards. Anyone else here know or hear anything?

As an aside, do you know what I don't get?

If I had said, done, or threatened 5% of the things he has done to the kinds of people he has done this to during his career, I would AT LEAST have been taken into an alley somewhere and had the living shit beaten out of me. That's if I'd been lucky. If things went as they usually do, I'd have had all four limbs broken and my eyes put out, and my ass shoved full of dollar bills before they shot me in the head and put me in the trunk of a car in South Philly.
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