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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,577

Journal Archives

We are living in a chapter of Dante's Inferno

updated for the Internet Era.

This reincarnation of Saddam Hussein, complete with two idiot, insane, sadistic sons, with his gilded palaces, is going to finalize the destruction of the little bit, the minute amount, the trace of unity which was left in tatters by the Haters of the Republican Party and its alt-right tinhorn Mussolini minions.

There are only a few, a handful of key people between us and outright fascism.

Trump tweet on McCain:

You got the best healthcare, believe me. I am fine thank you. Can't Lose that vote! Don't get captured again. Sad!

I don't know why but whenever I see his Klan (sic)

I think of this from 1974. As I said: I don't know why...


I hate these fuckers.

I didn't think I could hate anyone more than I hate Cheney but I freely admit I hate, detest, and despise the whole insipid, dangerous, seditious, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, lying, cheating, slimy, tasteless, and classless crew.

They literally make the bile rise in my throat.


Is there a sign in front of the White House that says, "Moron Drop-off Here"?

My question about Don, Jr. is:

Did he bring Tic Tacs to his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya?

You never know when, as a celebrity, you just want to kiss someone.

Think he made a grab attempt?

Enquiring minds want to know!

It WAS about adoption:

It was about adopting the most seditious plot to undermine the sovereign government of this country ever conceived.

As far back as Fleming's From Russia With Love it was known by the people-at-large that the Russians sought to undermine us by subterfuge:by playing to our weaknesses. In this case rather than sexually blackmailing the British, they have purchased faux-billionaire-loser-slob. A far cry from the handsome, urbane, and resourceful James Bond.

In the Dictionary, next to the word "disdain"

There is a photo of Mailordia Trump looking at her husband. Any photo of them together will do.

I now refer to him ONLY as:

Baron Golfin von Fatfuk.

It just seems to work so beautifully. I thank whomever came up with that appellation

Some interesting perspective on this...

My last patient last night was a former NBA basketball player and an acknowledged star of Philadelphia college and professional basketball. Among other qualifications to comment (as you can only imagine), is that his former girlfriend became Kareem's first wife. This gentleman has been around the block more than anyone I've ever met.

I asked him: do you have any recollection in locker rooms, bars, swinging hotel rooms with orgies, dates, back seats of cars, ANYWHERE where men talked like this guy does where they could be quoted by people? His response: absolutely not. He had not one single memory of an NBA player or any of their posse or anyone ever referring to women's bleeding or demeaning them IN THAT FASHION. That is not to say that they didn't have some choice words for women: he wasn't saying that at all, but even that Access Hollywood tape he said was not how these guys relate their technique or experiential history with women. He thinks Trump is an "asshole" and "sick".

Please allow me to say that I've known him for over twenty years and he's a lady-killer BUT he knows his limits within the society's norms.
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