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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,771

Journal Archives

My patient population is in a fugue state...

I practice in Center City Philadelphia and the vast majority of my patients are Democrats, including many of my wealthy, influential, (occasionally) snobby folk. Almost everyone who comes in for his or her checkup or dental work spends a portion of the appointment discussing the catastrophe which has enveloped the nation and thus the world. I have in forty years never seen anything like it. It is actually worse than the 9/11 era inasmuch as people have begun to retreat from the news and other media due to the overwhelming nature of this sociopath's assault upon a democracy and the truth. I remind them that President Obama said, "Don't boo... vote!" I tell them to mobilize their friends and find at least one individual who normally doesn't vote and bring him or her to the polls for every election we have from now on. I tell them that now you see what happens when someone says that "they're all the same". No they're not.

I also tell them that there are Universal Truths: that not everything is subject to variance or argument. Many of these people have begun to doubt whether 1+1=2 unless they're supported by others. Terrifying.

I've sent private detectives to NYC and

you won’t believe what they’ve found. He’s really 315 pounds and his Blood Pressure resting is 170/105. Believe me.

I forgot how to spell my name today too!

It can happen to the best of us doctoral-level professionals.

Really, you don't think so? SAD!!

I honestly knew a guy named Anil Shitole in Rochester, NY

In the 1970’s

Maybe Baron Golfin von Fatfuk was referring to him.

I’ll tell Caterpillar-eyebrows Huckabee to call Anil and ask him to corroborate this.

The Trump Taj Mahal vs The Kremlin

The Kremlin of course is certainly more esthetic, but hmmmmm....



"Dumped like a dog..." Emblematic of the gestalt...and so there's an old saying:

Cremation is for those who think outside the box. One needs to think outside the box here. Way outside.

His use of language is so confused, so primitive, so simplistic, so puerile, so self-aggrandizing, so malaprop, so ignorant, so vacant, so hostile, so hideous in so many ways, that the extreme pathology is evident to any practitioner who has dealt with the masses. This man is ill on so many axes that it is almost overwhelming. He makes a sentence into a Salvador Dali-esque presentment which is almost indescribably absurdist.

In any other context he'd be under intense treatment and medication for his diseases, but I am certain that he self-medicates as an amateur and relies upon his bravado and bluster to silence his potential evaluators. The media, generally ignorant of clinical medicine of any type, allow any of his behaviors to be normalized because he is (ostensibly) wealthy. If he were a middle-class or poverty-stricken individual, he would be deemed irretrievably insane by the rubber stamp of the powers that be, and filed away in some institution or known throughout the community as the man to be avoided at all costs. I do believe that he is the most psychiatrically pathological individual whom I have ever witnessed who was not incarcerated in an institution.

Yes it's true: I'm only a dentist, but I've practiced for forty-plus years and I have had over forty-five thousand patients in that time. For the years 1977 to 1986 my practice was primarily geriatric since I was primarily a reconstructive/prosthodontic practitioner while I was on faculty at the University, at which location I may have assisted in the treatment in ten thousand or more patients as a supervisor of literally hundreds of dental students. If you count the number of individuals whom I have evaluated in Oral Medicine, Emergency, and Screening Clinics the total number may well exceed one hundred thousand. I have dealt with psychotics, severe obsessive-compulsives, schizoids, multiple personalities, paranoids, dementia patients of all varieties, and quite frankly more pathologies than I can count. I have not touched upon the sexual aspects of this man, but suffice it to say, it's not traditional. Again, think outside the box.

You need to continue to do so for as long as this lasts...

Im Gonna Sue!!

This is Trump if he weren’t an heir.

Theyre toasting his nuts on Pennsylvania Avenue

Of course none of this is shocking or surprising to us but watching this explode is alternately wonderful and utterly terrifying.


I apologize for misquoting Benjamin Franklin saying that Democracy was like having two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

I found it amusing given the nature of America today.

I was wrong. Some things never change.


In my mind the best part of this shitty time

Is that they’re all scared shitless even as they promote their evil, Nazified agenda of stripping this great sovereign nation of its Democracy. Only each of them knows exactly what they have done which is a lot more than we even suspect. They are shaking at the thought that the volume and significant truths will out. Their crimes are heinous and carry severe potentials for utter destruction of themselves, their families, and their legacies , such as they are. They should all be preparing for the Hell which they claim they believe in and should pick up a copy of Dante’s Inferno to get some ideas wherein they will be entombed for eternity.
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