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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 17,584

Journal Archives

Hey, remember that he was going to have his own Waffen SS Guard in the WH?

What ever happened to the thug patrol he was going to have stationed there for his protection? Did they get fired? Did the Secret Service throw them out? Are they still there?


To answer your question Mr. Cohen, "Says who?"...

Says the Federal Judge, thatís who.

Oh...and one more thing: Fuck You.

Steve Schmidt is the Mark Twain of

modern politics. His rhetoric is so pithy and right on the mark that I almost literally weep that we didnít have him, or a guy like him, all these years in our Party

Itís like having Abba Eban on 21st Century Teevee

I'm certain of one thing: he's a lousy fuck.

And Iím not referring to being infected with insects...

All these women he hates: all these women he paid to have sexual relations of some type, my guess is of the rapid variety.

Every time I see a woman on the teevee machine lambasting him I think to myself: she KNOWS heís a rotten lay. These gals are sharp and know their men and menís behavior. Heís not onlyva sociopath, a narcissist, a phony through and through, but heís also ugly and incompetent in the bedroom.

Now normally this would be a non-issue, but hereís a creep who bragged about going into changing rooms of underage women and also grabbing genitalia of other women. Who the hell does these things except for a pervert who has to say the least a bizarre sexual orientation and behavior. Itís the mark of someone who has trouble getting hard and staying there I guarantee.

He boasted for years on the Howard Stern show and elsewhere about his sexuality, stated that he survived his own Vietnam-style War over venereal disease. He must have really plowed his way through the women in Manhattan right? Anybody showing up and proud of their man who is now President? Itís all crickets out there.

Like everything else out of his mouth he lied about his adequacies in the sex game. Heís a loser there too. He is what we used to call an ďAZĒ: Absolute Zero.


Fuck-o didn't get it

I am thrilled and relieved that TIME did what they did.

Remember the new definition of "Santorum"? Well what is that of "smocking"?

Mine is: it is the sound from the bowl of the toilet when a combination of Trump Hair, dye, Great Looking Hair Formula #9 (Ronco's GLH-9), tanning spray particles, and semen is flushed.

(I added the last for vomity-verisimilitude)

Ann Coulter for COS

Iím serious. Why shouldnít he pick her? Blond, Ruthless, knowledgeable of the players, blond, frequent guest on FOX, right-wing in extremis, loudmouth, blond, short skirts, insulting in extremis.

Whatís the problem?

Who's to stop him from pushing the Red Button?

Hannibal Lecter is in charge of the Asylum

This is why I like my People's, i.e. Jewish, funerals:

Within two days (unless the family wishes longer for certain reasons) the family and friends who are able to assemble do and have a service, either in a chapel or graveside. The service is often short, although people may elect to speak if the family so wishes. The Mourners' Kaddish is recited: a prayer to give strength to the remaining individuals and an acknowledgement that although the individual has been taken, God is still praised. The individual is buried literally: each person has the option of shoveling dirt on the casket if he or she so wishes, there is a mutuality and admission of mortality, and people adjourn to the home of the deceased or that of a relative for something to eat, drink, and reminisce with others. A service may be held nightly for as long or as short a period of days as the mourners require for their own needs or if they are observant, for the requisite number of days. If a holiday or festival commences, this Shiva period ends immediately. Sometimes there is no Shiva (as there wasn't for my mother) because the person dies the day of or the day before the holiday.

My point is, it isn't dragged out like this almost EVER, (save once in my lifetime) and life goes on. No matter how prominent and/or successful and/or intellectual the deceased is, he or she is not sanctified and canonized as a saint among sinners. This week for me has been excruciating but since I am an egalitarian fellow, I shrug and say: To Each His/Her Own.

(As a post-script, the one time the pre-burial period was extended to a week was when a very prominent Democratic fundraiser passed away here in Philadelphia, and the family wanted to have every living Pennsylvania Democratic and certain Republican (Senator Specter) politician attend and several to speak at his funeral. What an adventure it was.)

Please allow me to posit that

the big boys play the long game, much like the military does in a major war.

Think of Trump's "election" as a Pearl Harbor-type event. The people and the brass are unprepared for the calamity and are seemingly slow to react and recover. The wounded and the dead are attended to with appropriate salves and rites and beneath the decks on the man-o'-war, preparations are slowly but deliberately made for the retaliation which only comes over what seems like an eternity following the initial insult.

Now career politicians, like the military, know that there will be casualties in the battles which will be fought. They are inevitable and tragic, but a great politician, like a great general, plans his or her campaigns to minimize the wounded and the dead while still achieving the objective in a reasonable amount of time. For America, this miscreant was able to disrupt but not demolish the Union and the armies have been assembled and the incursions have been planned and executed. The people in charge of seeing to it that the government functions continuously, who rank above anyone else who is transiently elected to public office quietly set things in motion.

Yes there have been many casualties, but one thing about America: it fights its wars, has its tragedies, its earthquakes, floods, epidemics, depressions and recessions, but in the long run it continues as the capitalist empire's flagship nation. It counts its dead, buries them, and moves forward. Yes this has been awful; yes this has been a monument to lying stupidity and false-prophets, but we are beginning to eradicate this pestilence which has infected the White House and the replacements are being groomed as we speak.
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