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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 18,119

Journal Archives

You've got it all wrong:

When he says he wants to see the server, it’s because she had huge”tracts of land” and was wearing a low-cut blouse at the Steak House. (Where he ordered it burned to a crisp with ketchup)

He has no interest in computers.

I believe I have an answer to the age-old question:

Where the fuck did these RWers come from?

The answer is: (DRUMROLL)...

Bad early toilet training...the parents shoved suppositories up the right asses of their offspring rather than utilizing the usual methodologies now accepted. These children were traumatized and forever lack empathy and altruism. They are repressed and frustrated at every turn, and this translates to hate and occasional violence, sometimes extreme.

If you can justify bad early toilet training, you can justify the existence of Donald J Trump.

"Alliances are very easy".

Does he have a 200 word vocabulary when he’s not restating a sentence or question proffered just beforehand?

He’s just a fabulous president. Great. The best.

If I talked like that to my patients they’d soon ask for their radiographs to be sent elsewhere.

You know the Germans weren't much help at Normandy either

But we and they, up until recently at least, considered each other to be allies.

If your neighbor said all this about the Kurds you’d rethink letting them borrow your power washer. That a leader of a country; any country would say this is beyond the pale. It really is.

In synagogue today, Yom Kippur, I listened to

the rabbi, congregants, and staff say things about Him who was referred to from the pulpit and from the assembled as “45”, “he who is reviled”, “the orange one”, one guy near me me: ”that fucking asshole”.

And there were lots of references in the sermons to to hate, prejudice, war, the next election, morality, the Constitution, nuclear war, and the like.

I’ve sat through decades of high holiday sermons, through Nixon, 9/11 , Bush/Cheney, Iraq Wars, horrors perpetrated by terrorists in Israel, and all types of negativities, but I’ve never seen such a combination of fear and loathing as the congregants and clergy have for this creep in the WH.

It gave me great hope for the future.

Those with depth will understand wherefrom I come.

I dunno why I hadn't thought of this earlier:

If you recall the subtext of the Alien film series, the Corporation wanted to bring Aliens to utilize as killer-soldiers eventually so they set out to capture/breed the organism for their nefarious uses. This wAs particularly well delineated in the second installment.

In the same way, Trump has used ISIS as the Middle East weapon against anyone he wishes: they can’t be reasoned with or negotiated with, they only kill and destroy whole cultures. On the one hand they were defeated utterly (yeah right) but on the other hand they are always present and ready to strike at the heart of a country.

The only problem is that you can’t send them out the airlock into the vacuum of space. I’m talking about the Trump family, not the Aliens.

You KNOW he's got a Pornhub and/or Youporn account

Or at least free visitation tracking.

After all he sure isn’t getting any IRL.

TPTB have decided that enough is enough.

They were willing to go a certain distance, but as with Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter, once they decide that you’re done, you’re done

Yes I know how this sounds but I’ve watched it happen time and again. In this case they’re saving America as we “know” it.

I had a provocative thought:

Anyone ever read the book/mathematical treatise entitled Flatland? It is about planar beings who exist in a two dimensional universe. One day a sphere from the three dimensional universe passes through their universe. What they see is at first a point, followed by an expanding circle then a contracting circle and then a point before it disappears entirely.

The scandal we are experiencing has manifest in our universe and we perceive a certain structure which we process as the crime and crimes which it encompasses. However, there is an entity of extra-dimensional quality which is not perceivable by, shall we say, closed or minds which lack creativity. There is a huge apparition which has descended through our plane but we are only discovering the linear portion due to our inherent inability to comprehend the whole: the hugeness and warp and weft of the plots within the plots within the plots.

I wish I had the brilliance of a Douglas Hofstadter who was the brilliant puzzle master of Scientific American and wrote Godel, Escher, Bach, one of the most remarkable books of the 20th Century. I don’t possess the capability to understand the gestalt here but I do know there’s something huge, something so terribly complex that the flow chart would be a football field in area. It’s just awful in extremis.

For you younger folk, we knew that Watergate was but the tip of the iceberg. Nixon resigned and fled because the last thing the Republicans wanted was for the rest of the scandals to be revealed. That’s why Gerald Ford stayed that the national nightmare was over. It was an edict, not a statement of fact.

Just thought of a great SNL skit:

But you’d have to be older to appreciate it. Remember To Tell The Truth with Bud Collyer?

I am Richard Ketay.
I am Richard Ketay.
I am Richard Ketay.

Announcer: one of these me is Richard Ketay, an admirer of since impeached and removed President Donald J Trump. Our panel, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Kitty Carlisle, and Orson Bean will attempt to discover who is the REAL Richard Ketay.

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