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Ben Carson was wrong about Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol

In August Ben Carson joined in on the CPAC chorus of Ann Coulter and Donald Trump in sharply criticizing the repatriation of Dr.Brantly and Nurse Writebol after they had become injected with Ebola in Liberia. What was worse was that these two medical missionaries were criticized for choosing to serve the poorest of countries afflicted with the most deadliest of diseases. When the most inflammatory wing of the tea party thoughtlessly turns it's guns on evangelical missionaries, it could only mean that they don't have enough twitter followers or are not selling enough books to line their pockets.

Their comments were cruel, inhumane, and unequivocally unchristian.

On Monday Dr.Brantly, after having survive a disease with a mortality rate of 70%, traveled to Dallas to donate plasma to save the life of Nina Pham, the critical care nurse infected with Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan. During his first few days infected with Ebola, Dr.Brantly received a plasma transfusion from a 14 year old boy who's life he saved from Ebola. A plasma transfusion from an Ebola Survivor is one of the few therapies available to combat this horrifically virulent disease by providing the recipient with antibodies capable of targeting the virus.

I wonder as a physician, what Dr.Carson has to say to Ms.Pham and her family after being one of the most proponent cheerleaders of denying Dr.Brantly care back in the states? What does the former Hopkins Neurosurgeon have to say to Dr.Rick Sacra or freelance journalist Asoka Mukpo, both Ebola patients in the recovering stage, and also both recipients of Dr.Brantly's plasma?

Before I became a physician, as a young high school student I was a great admirer of Dr.Carson and of the obstacles he had to overcome to achieve his successes in life. Unfortunately his egomania and disdain for the poor has overcome his better judgement and compassion as a physician and human being. Kent Brantly and I are the same age, and I having practiced out of training a few more years than he. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr.Brantly has saved more lives, touched the hearts of more patients and families, and exacted more change on the field of medicine than I or Ben Carson could have in our cummulative careers 10 times over.

Nina Pham, Richard Sacra, and Asoka Mukpo owe their lives because American doctors and nurses at Emory, Univ. Nebraska, and the CDC remembered their oath to patients, and weren't afraid to open their hearts and risk their lives to care for Dr.Brantly and nurse Writebol.

At my current hospital, I wonder when the tide comes, who will run and who will stay to care for the sick? Well I know where Dr.Carson stands on that qurstion.
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