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Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif resigns over Panama Papers verdict

Source: BBC

Nawaz Sharif has resigned as prime minister of Pakistan following a decision by the country's Supreme Court to disqualify him from office.

The ruling came after a probe into his family's wealth following the 2015 Panama Papers dump linking Mr Sharif's children to offshore companies.

Mr Sharif has consistently denied any wrongdoing in the case.

The five judges reached a unanimous verdict in the Islamabad court, which was filled to capacity.

Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40750671

You can predict how many blacks are killed by police by measuring the racism of whites, research fin

Some of the stereotypes that prevail in a given geographic area go unrecognized by the people who hold them, and even more often, they’re not acknowledged. But psychologists know that such bias is widespread.

New research finds that when more white people in a community hold African Americans in greater suspicion, that prevailing view may influence police behavior in ways that drive the outsize use of lethal force against African Americans by cops.

It’s a finding likely to stir controversy and spark new interest in the phenomenon of implicit bias — the beliefs and prejudices we hold beneath our level of awareness.

Studied and measured by psychologists since the early 1990s, these unconscious views, which sometimes conflict with the opinions we explicitly embrace, are thought to shape our behavior every day. That influence may be subtle, psychologists say. But it’s never more powerful than when we are under extreme stress or time pressure, as police officers often are.


Husband and wife research team develop 'holy grail' drug to battle pancreatic cancer

A husband and wife research team in Sydney has developed a drug that is almost ready to be tested on people inflicted with one of the hardest to treat cancers, pancreatic cancer.

Professors Jenny Gamble and Mathew Vadas say the drug, called CD5-2, has shown to work in animal experiments to slow tumour growth.

The drug targets the principal building blocks of blood vessels called endothelial cells.

The blood vessels in tumours are grossly abnormal and the drug works by naturally restoring the glue that binds the vessels together.


Woman who threatened to 'kill all of ya' Somali Americans will be fired

FARGO — A white woman from Mapleton, N.D., who was recorded Tuesday, July 25, threatening a group of three Muslim women in the Walmart parking lot on 13th Avenue South, telling them to "go home" and that she would kill them, will lose her job.

“Whenever she gets here, she will be let go.” said a person at Fargo accounting firm Horab and Wentz, who would only identify himself as one of the firm's partners on Wednesday, July 26.

The man said of Amber Elizabeth Hensley: “Her views are not ours." A couple phones could be heard ringing in the background.

“Our phone has been ringing this morning hundreds of times. It’s ringing right now,” the man said. “We’re the ones getting the brunt of this. No one else is.”


Man seen on camera dousing, lighting LGBT center on fire

PHOENIX, Arizona -- Police in Phoenix are looking for a man who was caught on camera setting a fire at an LGBT youth center.

The man is seen walking into the building and pouring some sort of liquid on the floor.

Seconds later, he steps outside and the room goes up in flames.

Police believe the suspect used to be a client at the youth center, but aged out of eligibility when he turned 25.


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