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New York governor calls for national gun control in eulogy for aide

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo renewed his call for national gun control legislation on Saturday as he delivered a eulogy for the top state attorney who was fatally wounded by a stray bullet in Brooklyn earlier this month.

State officials and family members gathered at Brooklyn's Emmanuel Baptist Church in a private service for Carey Gabay, 43, who was struck in the head at a pre-dawn outdoor celebration on Sept. 7 before the annual West Indian Day parade, an event plagued by violence in recent years.

Gabay is believed to have been an unintended target, police said.

"His death was one of the most tragic, pointless examples of the rampant violence that is spreading like a cancer through our society, especially in our poorer communities and especially in our communities of color," Cuomo said.



Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest




The Issue

Human Rights

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Who Will Cry For The Orange Man?

"We must learn to do more with less"

Fuck that shit

Toon That Dastardly 14-year old

Jeb Bush Defends Dead Billionaires' Right to Rise


​The staff here at the Café was taking it easy as the weekend approached. All the takeout orders regarding the pope's visit to America were pretty well filled. However, just as we all were settling down to count our tips, along came a familiar face, dragging behind him a familiar exclamation point.​

"Our message is one of hope and aspiration," Mr. Bush said. "It isn't one of division and get in line and we'll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting — that says you can achieve earned success."
​John Ellis Bush, whose great-great grandchildren will not have to work for a living, is talking about "earned success." Sooner or later, the Inner Willard comes out in all of them. And it gets better, because with these guys it always gets better.

HARWOOD: How does eliminating the estate tax helps anybody's right to rise? That tax only applies to people who have made it big time—they've risen.

BUSH: Well, they're dead. If they've lived a good life, outside the money they've made, they're up in heaven looking down on us.

​Apparently, their accountants are up there with them. Maybe Jeb! isn't the smart one, after all.​


With John Boehner's Departure, the Inmates Are Officially Running the Asylum

By Charles P Pierce

​Mother of mercy, Papa Francesco gets results.​

Speaker John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, will resign one of the most powerful positions in government and give up his House seat at the end of October, throwing Congress into chaos as it tries to avert a government shutdown. Mr. Boehner made the announcement in an emotional meeting with his fellow Republicans on Friday morning. The Ohio representative struggled from almost the moment he took the speaker's gavel in 2011 to manage the challenges of divided government and to hold together his fractious and increasingly conservative Republican members.

​Way I figure it is this. In their private chat yesterday, Boehner explained to the pope the problems he was having with the flying monkey caucus, and Papa Francesco who, after all, heads a bureaucracy with a long history as a seething cauldron of ambition, scandal, murder and betrayal, as well as a unique tradition of crazy institutional proceedings (See: Cadaver Synod), listened to Boehner's plight and said, mildly, "Jesus H. Christ in a Fiat, my son, these people crazy. Get out while you can." That's the way I'm going to figure it, anyway.

Welcome to the monkeyhouse, America. The prion disease afflicting the Republican party finally has devoured the last vestiges of the Republican party's higher functions. I had as many problems with Boehner as Speaker as anyone did, but, dammit, he at least believed that the government should keep running. And, as much as the Times wants to believe it, this has nothing to do with the "challenges of divided government," and everything to do with the fact that the modern Republican party, especially in the House of Representatives, is completely demented.

(By the way, if I were any of the Republican presidential candidates, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz, I'd be terrified by this development. If the House goes completely mad, if there is (as I suspect) a wild and bloody battle over the next Speaker, that's going to be what the eventual nominee has to deal with every day on the campaign trail.)

I'd be lying if I said I knew what's going to happen next. Boehner bails around Halloween. The idiotic attempt to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood just went into hyperdrive. Somehow, the Republican caucus is going to have to elect a new speaker in the middle of what may turn out to be utter legislative chaos.

So, Trey, Louie, Darrell, Mark Meadows, Virginia Foxx, and de facto Speaker Cruz, congratulations. You got him. You're the dog that caught the car. Your entire congressional party is now a third-rate evening drive-time talk show. Have fun. Try to leave a little of the country intact for the rest of us.


Conservatives roar as Rubio tells a crowd of Boehner's demise

Conservatives at the Values Voters Summit cheered the coming end of House Speaker John Boehner’s reign, as Sen. Marco Rubio said the time had come to make way for new leaders.

“Just a few minutes ago, Speaker Boehner announced that he would be resigning,” Rubio told the crowd gathered in Washington, and the audience roared in approval.

The 2016 candidate, who claims conservative credentials but also an ability to reach more mainstream Republicans, said he wasn’t “here to bash” Boehner or “anyone” but added “the time has come to turn the page and allow a new generation of leaders.”

Rubio broke from his prepared remarks, he had been speaking about Washington lawmakers who are “more out of touch with the American people” than ever.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/john-beohner-retiring-value-voters-214058#ixzz3mlOQgMb0

The Good Soldier: Why a Suicidal Officer Had to Go AWOL to Save His Life


That Sunday night, March 29th, 2009, after the dinner dishes were done and put away, Lawrence Franks took out a bottle of Jameson and turned to his roommate, Matt Carney: "Ya wanna shot?" He asked this every night. Carney, like Franks, an officer in the Army's 10th Mountain Division, lifted his glass and made the first toast. Here's to the two of them and all that their lives now entailed: to surviving their first miserable winter at Fort Drum, to navigating the labyrinth of rules, regulations and duties that they, as newly minted second lieutenants, were still trying to make sense of. Here's to figuring it out.

Franks downed his drink, feeling the slow, soothing burn of the whiskey. He poured another shot. Take care of yourself, buddy, he thought. I'm sorry you're going to have to deal with my mess. "To you," he said to Carney.

Franks was consumed by what he was about to do: He was going to fuck over his unit, abandon his post, unfulfill his duty, shame his family, his friends, West Point, the Army, the country, God. He was deserting. Franks was 22, with the square-jawed good looks and chiseled physique that reminded at least a few of his friends of a gladiator. A meteorically high-achiever all his life, he'd graduated near the top of his West Point class of 2008, and now, less than three months into his first official posting, Franks was considered to be one of the best young lieutenants in the 2-22 Infantry Battalion, known as "Triple Deuce." All his life he'd been able to hold it together.

But it was a lie. Finishing his drink, Franks waited until he heard Carney turn on the shower, and then picked up the phone and ordered a taxi for 4 a.m. He set three alarms. He didn't want to pull a "Bay of Pigs," as he called it, by snoozing through his wake-up call.

In a matter of days, Lawrence Franks would be someone else — who, he didn't know. But he was tired of being himself. He hated being an officer. More than that, he felt unworthy. Every day was a struggle to maintain the facade, to find reasons not to die. It had been that way nearly as long as he could remember, and it had gotten worse since he arrived at Fort Drum in upstate New York. "I just need to get away," he'd written Carney that night. "I'm too weak inside." He'd hidden his agony from everyone. Still, it was a miracle that no one had realized it — or maybe they had, he wasn't sure. What he did know was that if he stayed one more minute on base he would shoot himself.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/the-good-soldier-why-a-suicidal-officer-had-to-go-awol-to-save-his-life-20150924#ixzz3mlA3dYoR

Cannabis 'forest' discovered in south-west London

A cannabis “forest” has been discovered by police officers in a leafy borough of south-west London.

About 150 marijuana plants surrounded by native plant life were found by police officers from Kingston upon Thames who posted images of the discovery on social media.

At around 1.5 metres (5ft), some of the plants appeared taller than one of the officers from the Grove Safer Neighbourhood team seen in the images, which were tweeted with the hashtags #TheseAren’tXmasTrees and #saynotodrugs.


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