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Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- General Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Speaker of the Damned

Car-Lying: Carly Fiorina Lies Like a Boss

The surging GOP presidential contender’s meaningless specifics are a marketing ploy, not a policy.

The Central Intelligence Agency has some tips for spotting liars. Unfortunately, most of them also sound like stage directions for a GOP primary candidate: “Failing to answer.” “Attacking.” “Denial.” Even, “Bringing up religion.” One particular hint is unusually relevant these days: “Being too specific.”

Carly Fiorina’s continuing distortions about what she saw, or didn’t see, on the Planned Parenthood sting videos would set off alarms all over Quantico on all those counts, but it’s her level of primary-color, pointillist embroidery on the truth—in that and other instances—that truly sets her apart from the rest of the field.

Call it Car-lying. Describing things into reality is a trademark of Fiorina’s, a style of mendacity that sets her apart from career politicians. Indeed, the reason she doesn’t come off as a politician is she’s still in marketing.


The Radical History Behind The Center For Medical Progress' Sham Planned Parenthood Investigation -

by Miranda Blue

This summer, a group called the Center for Medical Progress began to release a series of videos from an undercover “investigation” which it claimed showed that Planned Parenthood “sells aborted baby parts” for profit.

Since then, those claims have been roundly debunked, but the stir created by CMP’s videos has led to votes on defunding Planned Parenthood in the House and Senate and in several states, multiple House hearings (including one happening right now) and the threat of a government shutdown, and even contributed to the resignation of the speaker of the House.

Although little was known at first about who the Center for Medical Progress was, researchers and journalists quickly traced its ties to a number of radical anti-choice groups, and especially to Operation Rescue, which has existed for decades on the radical fringe of the anti-choice movement.

In a new report released today, People For the American Way explores the ties between CMP and its founder, David Daleiden, and Operation Rescue, placing Daleiden’s project in the history of the “direct action” anti-choice movement’s attempts to harass and intimidate abortion providers and patients.

- See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/radical-history-behind-center-medical-progress-sham-planned-parenthood-investigation

An NC tax plan that’s an exercise in villainy


excerpt :

I’ll be the first to concede that the governor and the General Assembly mean to do a lot. They want to make it harder for black people to vote. They want to stop women from controlling their bodies. They want to shame and stigmatize lesbians and gay men. They want to disparage and marginalize immigrants. They want to dismantle the public schools. They want to eliminate environmental regulation. They want to foster purchased elections. They want to lay low their political opponents. The list is long. They’re ambitious sorts.

But their true sweet spot, their principal raison d’etre, the campaign to which they return enthusiastically in each succeeding session, is taking money and benefits from the impoverished in order to give more to, and to demand less from, the wealthy. They seemingly believe the main thing wrong with North Carolina is that those at the bottom have too much and those at the top don’t have enough. They have converted our government to an exercise in villainy.

Now, once you’ve kept a half-million vulnerable citizens from the Medicaid rolls, secured the largest unemployment compensation cut in American history, abolished the earned income tax credit, ended legal aid appropriations and made it tougher to afford to go to college so you can pay for a stream of tax cuts for the wealthy, you have to get creative to continue the oppressing crusade. But the income tax/car repair tradeoff shows our leaders are up to the challenge. And should they falter, the American Legislative Exchange Council stands ready to whisper in their ears.

The McCrory era will be adjudged a dark and shameful chapter in North Carolina history – a last gasp effort to cling to legacies of privilege and subordination, to deny the promises of democracy and dignity. That may seem unfair to a governor who appears unable to do much about anything that’s happening to his state. But saying: “I didn’t know what was going on and I couldn’t do anything to stop it” doesn’t excuse a chief executive’s destructive legacy. Even if you’re, otherwise, a nice enough fellow. Just ask George W. Bush.

Gene Nichol is Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article36473067.html#storylink=cpy

Obama at LGBT Fundraiser: Ban ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Transgender Minors

Speaking Sunday at the Democratic National Committee’s “LGBT Gala,” a fundraiser held in New York City, President Barack Obama called for legally prohibiting “conversion therapy” that aims to steer minors away from being transgender.

“We’ve come a long way in changing hearts and minds so that trans men and women can be who they are--not just on magazine covers, but in workplaces and schools and communities,” Obama said at the fundraiser, according to a transcript posted by the White House.

“And to build on that progress, we should support efforts to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for minors,” Obama said. "So, we've got to keep striving every day to treat each other the way I believe God sees us, as equal in His eyes."

Obama was introduced at the gala by James Obergefell. Obergefell was one of the plaintiffs who sued the state of Ohio because it did not permit two people of the same-sex to “marry.” His name is now on the Supreme Court opinion—Obergefell v. Hodges—in which five members of the court declared that a right to same-sex marriage was guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868.


Elizabeth Warren challenges Brookings over research backed by industry

Sen. Elizabeth Warren today takes her ongoing crusade against the outsized influence of the financial services industry to one of Washington’s most respected think tanks. The Massachusetts Democrat is questioning the independence of the Brookings Institution and one of its longtime scholars over a study that criticizes a proposed regulation aimed at reining in conflicts of interest among retirement advisers.

Post reporter Tom Hamburger obtained letters that Warren sent this week to Brookings and the Labor Department. The Massachusetts Democrat blasts a report by non-resident scholar, Robert Litan, which predicted high costs for a measure backed strongly by progressives, consumer groups and President Obama.

Citing the $85,000 combined fee that Litan and a co-author received from a leading investment firm, Warren calls their report “highly compensated and editorially compromised work on behalf of an industry player seeking a specific conclusion.”

Litan, who held senior positions in Bill Clinton’s administration, confirmed that the outline for his study was reviewed by its sole sponsor, The Capital Group, which offered some comments. The investment firm has more than $1.4 trillion under management in its American Funds and other products. The company, like others handling retirement investment assets, has made opposition to Labor’s rule one of its top priorities.



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